How Does watchOS2 Make Apple's Next-Gen Watch Better?

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 6:29:56 AM , In Mobile Apps
How Does watchOS2 Make Apple's Next-Gen Watch Better?

Cupertino giant Apple launched the first Apple Watch in the last WWDC event with the name: The most personal device. Now in the recent San Francisco event, the company has announced improved watchOS 2, the second-gen OS for Apple Watch to make this elegant timepiece more personal than before. Let’s have a glimpse of some of the excellent and innovative features of the next-gen Apple powered with the latest operating system for watch.

Watch Faces:

Watch faces Apple has created attractive watch faces to make the smartwatch more appealing. Customization of watch faces enables users to make their wrist wearables smarter and gives one more reason to look at the watch!

New watchOS 2

New watchOS 2


Another extraordinary feature of the Apple Watch is Time-Lapse in which users can select amazing videos of different iconic locations around the world. More interestingly, these Time-Lapse videos shot over 24 hours.

Photo and Photo Album

Now, this is called innovative approach! Apple has integrated both Photo and Photo Album features in watchOS 2 to customize the watch face with favorite photos. Live Photos feature is introduced to show a beautiful animation before and after taking the photo.

Complications can be customized

New watchOS 2 enables users to customize complications like Weather, World Clock, etc. Apple has also added the new features like lights, thermostat, sensors, cameras, etc. to have effective control over various home devices. Customization of complications has made this unique timepiece more advanced and personalized than its other counterparts.

Time Travel

Apple has all set to entice customers with Time Travel feature. It enables users to check happenings of yesterday, today, and tomorrow simply by turning the Digital Crown. It is easy to check the weather forecast, schedule, and news headlines with the innovative feature called Time Travel.

Nightstand mode

It is nothing but the digital display that illuminated on touching the screen, the Digital Crown, or the side button. On connecting with the charger, the second-gen Apple Watch will automatically go into nightstand mode.

More interactive apps with new features

WatchOS 2 facilitates better performance of native apps by enabling them to run entirely and exclusively on Apple Watch. Less load time and better integration of other features while using apps is also possible with the new watch OS. That’s not all. The Cupertino Company also makes it possible to reply emails along with receiving them in the new generation Apple Watch.

As conclusive remarks, we can mention that the Apple Watch with watchOS 2 is not merely a watch, it is a truly personalized timepiece that elegantly and efficiently keep track of all the fitness activities while acting as the wearers’ personal assistant.

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