How to Build Your Own iPhone Application

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 8:45:06 AM , In Mobile Apps

iPhone has created quite a buzz in the mobile market with its third party iPhone application development being the top of the charts as it gives an ample scope to create applications that are customized to your individual needs. In this scenario all the programmers and developers have taken the fancy to iPhone apps programming to satisfy their needs. But the ones who don’t know anything technical are lagging behind. So here I attempt to jot down some of the main steps that can help you creating your own iPhone application.

Have an Idea:

The process starts with having an idea. Analyze these points to check if it’s the recipe to success. Your app should have a unique idea, it should be funny to make people be interested in it, it should be highly interactive or it should serve to a particular niche. If anyone of these is true, then you are set to go.

Checklist Check:

Remember to have these tools before you start your iPhone apps development. Join the Apple iPhone Developer Program, get iPhone, get an Intel-based Mac computer with Mac OS X 10.5.5, prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement, download and install the latest version of the iPhone SDK if you don’t already have it and a spiral bound notebook.

Market Research:

This is one of the most important steps in your process of iPhone applications programming. Have a thorough look at what is happening in the market, what kinds have worked and what have not. Don’t make the same mistakes that lead to the downfall of others.

Know Your iPhone:

To create an application you would need to know the device well. Browse through the phone to get the feel of how things work. See some of the apps you like, how they work, how they are presented, the graphics, content, intractability etc.

Determine Your Target Audience:

Another very important aspect that needs to be considered while programming iPhone applications. Without knowing your target audience it’s like shooting with your eyes closed and hitting whatever comes your way and calling it the target. The chances of success are bleak in this way.

Sketch Your Idea:

Make a working modal on paper as to how each page will appear, how it will work, how many slides need to be there, how the navigation will work, the path from point to another, basically the entire working modal.

Start Designing:

If you are a designer, start designing. Download iPhone GUI Photoshop template or our iPhone PSD Vector Kit, these are collections of GUI elements that will help you reduce the total designing time. If you are not a designer, hire one.


This is the time to start your iPhone programming. If you are one, then you know what to do, if you are not then again, hire one. Give him the details of your idea, see to it that everything is explained and understood well to get the desired results.

Submit and Market:

The last two steps are to submit your application to the Apple Store, which once accepted, should be followed by some good sensed marketing. Some of the good marketing steps are including social media, pre-launch promotion, and post launch releases with upgraded versions.

If you can follow these steps then you are up for sure shot success. These are not very simple ones, but if carefully done you can get desired results.

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