IndiaNIC Develops its Very Own App -IndiaNIC Application on iTunes

By admin Jul 30, 2013, 6:39:47 PM , In Mobile Apps
IndiaNIC Develops its Very Own App -IndiaNIC Application on iTunes

We are an app now!

Taking a step closer to reaching out to our clients in the easiest way, IndiaNIC has now launched its corporate mobile app. For all those iOS fans out there, it’s now possible to interact with us directly on your iPhone.

The app aims at engaging with clients on their mobiles in the most intuitive manner. In a move that would give our clients instant access to all our services, products and anything they would want to know about IndiaNIC, the mobile app would work as an excellent alternative to our website.

IndiaNIC Website App on iTunes

Being right there on the home screen, ensures instant access and our easy-to-navigate pages, and the user-friendly design ensures seamless engagement. The app has several unique features to its credit like quick navigation to the services, partnership and product pages, complete project portfolio and resources section to download marketing material.

Simple motion gestures like swiping right to left for Enquiry page and left to the right for the previous page makes it even better. Adding to the intuitiveness, we have also included the tap-to-call feature using which clients can ring us up with a single tap.

Surf through the various app sections like About IndiaNIC, the services, Industry challenges, Capabilities, go through our Success stories and find the best engagement model, all on-the-go.

We have carefully sorted out all the priority pages to give our clients a complete perspective of our brand and how we operate by focusing on the about us section, our products & services, the engagement models and the contact us form, enabling clients to directly communicate with IndiaNIC.

True to our vision we strive to provide comprehensive web and mobile software solutions for our clients. Through this App, we hope to bridge the gap between our clients and the company via quicker and better access.

Find IndiaNIC Application for Apple Devices here on iTunes

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