5 Great iPhone App Development for Successfully Handling Business Work

By admin Aug 10, 2010, 11:49:22 AM , In Mobile Apps

Handling a business successfully is no piece of cake and sometimes even the smallest of mistakes can lead to big disasters. So to avoid any kind of mismanagement or unwanted mistakes there are certain iPhone Application development that can save you from all these disasters.

So lets have a look at them:

AT&T Virtual Receptionist:
This iPhone application development is like a virtual, automatic receptionist that will impress any company. The app is free of cost and some of the services are toll free number, auto attendant, company greeting, business voicemail along with faxing abilities. It will easily let you manage the correspondence work of the office without much hassle.

Fuze Meeting:
If you are not being able to travel for meetings and appointments then this iPhone application development, which is by the way available for free, will help you in getting a meeting sorted out with its amazing features. It combines instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop/screen sharing and conference calling. So you can have a remote meeting and a presentation without being there.

mSecure Password Manager:
There are so many accounts and password that it becomes very messy to remember all of them or to keep an account for them that you can safely use when in need. This iPhone app development offers a safe and secure way of storing all your account information. With 17 pre-defined data types, including web logins, credit cards and e-mail accounts and more options of customizing the types based on your work this app is like a portable digital locker. It destroys all the account information after a given number of failed attempts to log in.

Resume PRO:
Having the right resume and the ability to shell out one in quick time can really make a lot of difference in your career or for your business. This app instantly gives you a ready to use resume within seconds after you put in your data and personal details. The file that you get is click to email PDF format that is the preferred format for resumes all over.

Forget Me Not:
This iPhone app development is for the ones who have the tendency to forget names. This app lets you store data about different people with the same names and lets you retrieve information about them within seconds. It has a ‘Hint’ option that lets you know how you know a particular person and other details that you put in while saving the information.

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