iPhone Apps For Medical Emergency

By admin Jul 19, 2010, 10:32:16 AM , In Mobile Apps

Life expectancy is getting slimmer in the times of fast paced life and where there is no guarantee what will happen in the next minute. When you are out for almost the whole day, traveling for work, running around to meet the deadlines, going from places to places to meet your friends, commuting hours away from the safety of your home you need something that you can rely on if you get stuck in some uncalled for emergency. This is where iPhone medical apps development can be lifesaver for you.

Airstrip OB:

Developed for doctors who deal specially in obstetrics or for those dealing in pregnancy and childbirth. This is great for working mothers who are expecting as this app keeps you in touch with your doctor who can access all the detailed information about you and your medical status. There is an option of push notifications that can alert the doctor in case of an immediate requirement.

CPR & Choking:

This one is by far the most effective result of a well thought out iphone app development. Developed by the University of Washington and King County EMS with the aim of providing help to people struck in some medical emergency. This has a number of videos and demonstrations on how to give CPR and other details as to what to do if someone is in need.

Close Call:

This one is a simple but effective app that puts all the emergency contact details on your home screen if something goes wrong. You can see all the numbers together and all you would need to then is call for safety.

Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide:

This one little similar to CPR & Choking but is more extensive and provides a more detailed information about how to save a life that just videos. With this you can create detailed medical profiles and it gives you updated information from the American Heart Association. This is another sample of a talented and thoughtful iphone app developer.

So it will be safe to say that iPhone apps development can have a real impact on our lives and it has reached a point where it can actually help us restore and save people in emergency situations. So if you think you would also need one that can come in handy contact an iPhone apps developer and get one developed for your own safety.

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