Is Augmented Reality the Future of Mobile Games?

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 5:45:41 AM , In Mobile Apps
Is Augmented Reality the Future of Mobile Games?

Pokémon Go has redefined the mobile gaming experience across the world. The success story of this game is largely attributed to Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Now, can we consider AR as the future of mobile games? Should we accept that the illusion can become a new reality? The blog discusses answers to these questions.

Here are the reasons why augmented reality has acquired popularity in the mobile game domain:

  • Paradigm shift: These days, the AR games witness a paradigm shift from consoles and videos to mobiles under the leadership of Pokémon Go. The AR technology has successfully got rid of small screen trouble of mobiles and now the AR games are all set to offer lifelike experience to the smartphone users.
  • Change in interest: Avid gamers always want more excitement while playing action and strategy games on their smart devices. An AR platform can fulfill this requirement through adding imaginary items in the real world. The characteristic of combining real and imaginary worlds can give a boost to innovative AR games.
  • Reality touch: Take a shooting game or a Zombies’ game, AR technology always gives a realistic experience to the gamers. Adding imaginary monsters or zombies in the physical world offers more pleasure to the gamers while enhancing their involvement in the game.
  • 3D models: Life-size 3D models can be integrated with the items belonged to the physical world through using AR technology. The 3D experience gives more entertainment and excitement when it comes to games. Such an experience can engage the gamers more and the game developers can get loyal fan base for their games.
  • Involves more bodily movements: AR games involve more bodily movements than traditional mobile and console games. Such games offer physical movement and enable the gamers to get rid of space limitations.

Augmented reality has already shown importance in making interesting and interactive apps for various smart devices. Global IT behemoths including Google and Microsoft spend a lot of bucks behind AR research and development and as people become used to this wonderful technology,they can enjoy more and more AR-based games with ease.

At the conclusion, there is no exaggeration in mentioning that the augmented reality is the future of mobile games.

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