Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

By Abhishek Amin Jan 28, 2021, 11:31:32 AM , In Mobile Apps
Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

Of course it is a preferred open source mobile application framework, already used by the global giants like Airbnb and Uber. React Native framework is used to develop mobile applications that could work equally on both platforms, Android and iOS, in other words, cross platform applications.

React Native is a product of Facebook and trusted by entrepreneurs around the world for various types of mobile applications. Not nly Airbnb and Uber, many other tech giants like Skype, UberEats, Tesla, Pinterest, Bloomberg, Vogue, etc. have selected React Native technology to develop mobile applications. But why? Because there are benefits associated with React Native app development and that is why it is considered the future of hybrid applications.

Why choose React Native for Mobile App Development?

Budget friendly

Our message to anyone building a mobile app, React Native is a perfect framework that saves your development time and money upto 50%. If a business already has a website application developed using React, then a mobile app can be easily built with less efforts using the same code. Businesses opting for MVP to be launched initially must consider React Native to build their next mobile app that will be budget friendly.

Faster App Development

Without a doubt, this is the inevitable factor or an advantage that must be considered by anyone looking to develop a mobile application. Reusable code upto 90% between Android and iOS development along with pre-built components in the React Native library makes it an apparent choice for faster mobile app development. 

Cross platform Development

Reusability of the single code allows mobile app developers to develop an app for both Android and iOS to deliver the same performance without any other changes or much effort. All those needs and dependencies on developers with coding proficiency in working with technologies like Swift for iOS, Java, C++, etc. are eliminated with the introduction of React Native for cross platform app development. All that you need is a good and experienced JavaScript developer with proficiency in working with native UI library, APIs, and hybrid app development.

Simplified UI with Native Look & Feel

React Native framework is developer friendly. One of the important things during any mobile development is the building a flow, creating a series of actions. This open source cross platform application framework makes the implementation of these modules or actions perfectly. The cross platform mobile applications crafted in React Native are responsive, faster, and smoother, just like a native Android app or native iOS app.

Modular Architecture of React Native Framework

Modular architecture in software development is a kind of software design that separates one program into several independent and interchangeable modules providing a greater flexibility to the developers. React Native modular architecture helps developers greatly by providing the ability to upgrade and update applications quickly. It’s also possible to reuse modules that work both with web and mobile APIs.

Live and Hot Reloading for Real-time Changes

Live Reload allows the developers to operate on the real-time changes whilst the app is loading. A file gets compiled about the changes made and a new file is provided to the simulator. It reloads the app from the point of the start. Hot Reload helps the developer to see the changes immediately on the app screen in another window. Both the windows, source code and app screen, can be run simultaneously using the Hot Reload feature to see the immediate results after source code changes are made.

Flexible & Better for Projects on Long Run

If a mobile app developer backfires and vanishes, your project loses its engine, right? Fortunately, React Native app development has a complete manual that is easy enough to guide any developers with some experience. Moreover, React Native has been in the market for a long time now that shows its reliability and popularity in the business community.

Large React Native Community for Dev Support

It is so easy to get support from the experts if you face any issue in your React Native mobile app development project. React Native is an open-source framework and has all its documentation available at ZERO Cost for everyone in the community. Community helps the React Native developers to share their development experiences surrounding React Native framework, get feedback, collaborate with other members vua GitHub React Native Community. 

Final Say

From start ups to established businesses, all have turned to mobile platforms. The transition from the websites to mobile apps is astonishing and now there is a stiff competition about the mobile app development technologies. However, the majority of the businesses want to have the mobile apps in quick time with reliability and performance assurances. Opt for React Native framework for your next mobile application development. We’re sure you will pat yourself on the back to decide to go with it.

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