Launch of iOS 6 –An Ocean of Opportunities

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Launch of iOS 6 –An Ocean of Opportunities

Apple ios 6 Launch -11 June 2012No matter how, Apple keeps everyone on pins and needles not only for their iPhone/iPad series but also for different versions of Operating System. iOS 6 has been announced and on very next moment, the news became viral over the internet. You may find new features in iOS 6 but then can you think out of the box? Are you up for this marvelous change? The company says that iOS 6 can take your iPhone, iPad and iPod to the whole new direction and as always, they stand by their words this time too.

iOS 6 Preview –A glimpse before the real show

It is not yet launched at least when this is getting written! It says that iOS 6 will come in this fall but then the corporate website has all the new features informed well in advance so that iPhone apps developers can turn on their brains for the forthcoming giant event. The preview of recently announced iOS 6 houses everything, everything that you’d like to know as an iOS application programmer or a user. Yes, it’s perfectly said that for iOS 6 developers, it’s an ocean of opportunities.

The best thing about iOS 6 SDK is it includes features that positively affect every part of your life –whether professional or personal, having iPhone or iPad apps can make the tasks easier than ever before. Right from sharing (on social network) to getting directions (new Map features) and Internet to Phone Call choice, Apple iOS 6 leaves you with plenty of options.

iOS 6 Features: Pictures

iOS 6 Developers –Raise your sleeves

It’s all here, just here! iOS 6 is coming with its bag of tricks and you are the ones who’ll make it more powerful. For all the iOS 6 applications developers out there, the new features in this OS have no limits as you can think out of the box and build great applications for smart Apple devices.

iOS 6 SDK helps you develop classic applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod and it is up to you programmers how to go about it and stand apart. Who’ll think differently, will gain more! It’s simple! So, let’s know what more features SDK of iOS 6 houses…

Call manipulation –iPhone works the way you want

It’s all about calls. There are calls you never want to miss and there are that you never want to take! iPhone makes it all easy for you as you can now manipulate with calls. Indeed, this is a revolutionary change in feature of iOS 6 that will be very useful in personal as well as business life.

iOS 6 new features include Phone. You can decline an incoming call or can reply it with an instant message. In addition, you can set a callback reminder by just a tap. When you are too busy attending very important business meeting or sharing some private moments with your partner, turn it to ‘DND’ –Do Not Disturb! This offers you your own world and nobody would bother you calling on your phone. Nevertheless, you can always have some calls being exempted from this feature as they can ring anytime.

Siri –a new virtual assistant

Cannot afford a one-in-all human assistant? Have Siri instead! iOS 6 Siri is loaded with great features for our day-to-day tasks, routines and many more. With more language supports, Siri in iOS 6 works better in more countries; so no matter which part of the world you are in, you feel coming to home at least while dealing through Siri.

iOS 6 Siri serves you as sports express. You can ask game schedule, score from live games and many more. It can also get you stats of your favorite sportsperson to compare with opposites. Furthermore, it tracks teams’ records and its performance in recent time so you know the time to change your choice!

If you are a great movie-goer, Siri iOS 6 helps you out there by getting latest flicks by locations and show timings. It also saves your money and time from going to pathetic movies as you can read RottenTomatoes and watch trailer right there. Set your virtual assistant for your favorite star and you will never miss their movies or show in town.

Future scope: Apple is working with giants in automobile manufacturing for its very innovative feature called Eyes Free in iOS 6. The Siri will obey your voice commands (through the button the steering wheel) without you taking your eyes off from the road. Your safety is of paramount consideration and thus, smart virtual assistant Siri will follow your dictation for calling people, select and play your favorite tracks, hear or compose texts, read notices, find events in colanders and plenty more. Don’t worry; your smart device won’t light up to draw your attention during any such event. Smart Apple! Smart iOS 6!

A pitfall: Siri is available only for iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd generation and seeks internet to work. Siri is not available in all languages and areas. For some features, it may charge for cellular data use.

Social Sharing is now Speedy Sharing

It’s all in a jiffy! Whether you want to share the photo or update your status –iOS 6 has all features for you. Facebook sharing is integrated throughout iOS and you’ll surely ‘Like’ it!

You can share high score of the game or share the photo right from the Camera and post it through current location through maps. Now what you do at the moment, your buddies sitting anywhere in the world can be informed in just one touch! And why touch! If your hands are busy, your sexy virtual assistant Siri can all do it for you! Just command her and she shares it.

The whole new face of the Earth

The vector influences the graphics and texts in the maps of various places and hence, they are impeccable. Panning and zooming are made smoother and you can tilt and rotate for a clear picture of an area. The maps are carefully marked with places, streets and other names to get you exact information. Needless to say, real traffic time update, flyovers and turn-by-turn navigation keeps this feature ahead among others.

A pitfall: Not all countries or areas can have this feature. Also, Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation is likely to be usable only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. For all this, cellular data charges are applied.

Redeeming Redefined

You can now redeem a coupon, gift cards, check in for a flight, go for movie by scanning your smart device using Passbook iOS 6 feature. It gives notification of expiry date for your coupons; you can check your concert seats and even get any barcode loaded on the phone ready to scan.

For frequent flyers, Passbook of iOS 6 is just of great help. If your gate changes after you check in for your flight, this feature will generate an alert so that you approach the gate in time.

Caring special people too

The best part about iOS 6 is it cares about those special people who are generally ignored. It’s easier for those with vision, learning, mobility and hearing disabilities. The Guided Access would help students with disability like autism to focus on content. The revolutionary Screen Reader is very helpful for low-vision and blind users.

Children are special as they are too tender to be exposed to some features on the smart devices. For parent, teacher or administrator, the new feature in iOS 6 brings the facility to restrict the access. One can also restrict the touch area on the screen to avoid the navigation of certain apps.

And to sum-up, miscellaneous iOS 6 features

Other than above mentioned features, iOS 6 has much more to offer –features for China, Remodeled stores, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Browsing in latest Safari, iCloud, and better mail experience through Mail etc.

So all iOS developers and programmers, get ready for something unforeseen, dwell your mind and come out ahead with something innovative, out of the box.

iOS 6 Feature: Video

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