Mobile Apps for industrial purposes: Oil and Gas case study

By Rania Aug 19, 2021, 9:21:33 AM , In Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps for industrial purposes: Oil and Gas case study

Managing offshore and onshore performance is no joke. Apart from it being a challenging and delicate process with no mistakes allowed, it’s stressful because of the increasing competition and the fast evolution of the industry. 

Oil and gas companies are no exception. Considering how vital it is for their data to be updated and secured, adding to the heated competition, these companies, while using the old methods, are not able to utilize their assets and employees as efficiently as wanted, which harms the productivity rate and threatens EH&S (environment health and safety)operations. So is there a way to solve these issues, reduce costs and meet the productivity rate and efficiency level wanted? 

Automating the industry is the solution, and we’re not just talking about machines and equipment, digitalizing information is equally important. How? With mobile-based solutions! It’s the best choice to achieve all the tasks and fix all the issues mentioned above.

Mobile App Development: the main Factor behind Enterprise Mobility growth 

Mobile app development along with cloud services has already made it to the Top three technology-oriented solutions for energy companies, and it’s the main factor behind enterprise mobility growth, especially since it encouraged globally dispersed investors and stakeholders.

Software development is no longer an option in this era, it’s a must!

Mobile Development is constantly evolving

Mobile devices’ development is very accelerated, and it led to the revolution of multiple industries, particularly the oil and gas industry. The proof is that in 2010, the shipments of global smartphones have exceeded computers, and it continues to surge. 

A remarkable mobile invention in this domain is resilient explosion-proof mobile devices and tablets with great network bandwidth and coverage.

Oil and gas Industry Patterns 

Stand-alone (operates independently) mobile solutions are in longer in demand, instead what’s selling the market are mobile solutions integrated into enterprise systems which mean the mobile app developed suits the specific needs of the companies and their vision. 

This shift is understandable for oil and gas enterprises, since their working environment is exceptionally rough, which requires exceptional measures and particular needs that stand-alone solutions cannot meet. 

Oil and gas Industry Apps

The primary use of mobile devices used to be to get information to the hands of the field staff but recently oil and gas companies are in need of more than just data capture, and mobile development managed to grant them their wish by including real-time response and analysis feature and enabling employees and field personal to access and store data wherever and whenever needed, making the information flow smooth.

Benefits of Mobile App Development in Downstream Operations and Oil-field Services

Asset management

As mentioned previously, mobile app development encourages global investors and stakeholders by making the process more organized and smoother, especially when it comes to deals and offshore and onshore assets. Mobiles could handle the work from order and maintenance management to engineering data to assets and inventory management. Moreover, it could predict unforeseen risks and help prevent them.

Inspections & Monitoring

Inspection has been always a real issue for all industries, but energy companies have it harder. 

Inspections are important because they reduce costs by significant amounts and improve efficiency, but considering how hard the task is, mobile apps and devices are of great help, especially when it comes to inspecting pipelines, equipment, and machines. Apps grant technicians easy access to data collected from inspections through GPS to locate the exact location of the issues, RFID (radiofrequency identification), and barcoding, and take the right necessary actions to fix issues if found.

Workforce Management

Oil and gas companies usually hire hundreds of technicians and thousands of field personal from all around the world, managing such a huge workforce is complicated and tough, and hiring another hundred managers is a waste of money and still will not solve the problem giving that workers data needs to be up-to-the-minute, instead, the company could hire a group of dedicated developers and turn to solutions offered by mobile development, less costly and more efficient. 

Mobile Apps can improve Oil-field services by managing the workforce, from identifying employees to validation and tracking.  

Materials management

Mobile apps are a blessing when it comes to facilitating and personalizing the use of ERPs and CRMs. Engineers and staff responsible for the attributed tasks such as reordering materials, stock transportation, quality control, running inventories, procurement, etc. can easily perform their tasks faster and efficiently through their mobile devices. They can also collect, update real-time data and synchronize input throughout the entire system. The relevant data can be used for further analysis in order to optimize supply chains and cut costs of goods and equipment.

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