Mobile Apps for Schools and Universities

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Mobile Apps for Schools and Universities

As technology is dominating almost all sectors in various ways, education system is no stranger to these advancements. Many technologies have been introduced to enhance the learning and teaching methods in educational institutes. With the ever growing popularity of smart gadgets, many applications have been introduced to improve the learning process.

Apps for schools and universities

Apps for schools and universities

Efforts are being made to introduce applications, which benefit the students and teachers. The applications are being developed with the intention of keeping the students involved in their curriculum, and improve their decision making ability and keep them on top of their activities. Teachers also benefit by designing and distributing notes, course and updates on the events and assignments in the university campuses.

Developers are working hard on providing the best smartphone applications for students, teachers to use it in and out of school. But the problem is how to select the best mobile applications from the vast pool of applications. Here is a list of some of the most popular and effective mobile applications for schools and universities.

Alarm Clock Pro

It is extremely crucial to begin the day on time. Alarm Clock Pro is one of the most useful applications for students and teachers. This alarm application not only will get you out of your pit bedroom but also will give you the weather forecast for the day. In addition, it also has a flashlight, since its launch it has captured the attention of many users worldwide. Being in an educational sector this app will prove to be handy.  It is available across all leading platforms.


This is a cloud based application, it helps to take notes and is currently one of the most popular note making apps. It allows you to make notes, record audio notes, take pictures also. All these can be easily stored in different folders avoiding confusion. This app comes in handy in a situation where you need to record vital lectures. It syncs across all leading smart devices.

Wikipedia Mobile

As a student Wikipedia is the first place on the web, where you search for authentic information. Wikipedia Mobile application is capable of providing information on a wide range of topics. You can search for a topic of your interest and also save articles for offline reading. It also provides the option of reading in different languages.

No matter, what level of expertise you have over English language, still there are times you need a dictionary to review some words. is a perfect application for students and teachers. It provides the latest vocabulary, idioms, phrases and also the usage of words. In addition, it has a collection of 2 million definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

Grades 2

This app allows you to add your syllabus and assignments to the applications. This application helps you to keep track of assignments and the due dates for assignment submission. It also keeps you informed about the grades needed to pass the semester successfully. The interface is easy and user friendly.

Teacher Aide Demo

This app allows teachers to take attendance and maintain the records in the smartphone and tablets. There are many new features added such as, bulk messages to parents and students, calling parents right from the app and also bulk emails through the application.

iTunes U

No matter where you are teaching and what you are teaching, iTunes U app allows you to share content, audio and video across to the students. You can upload presentations, new assignments, updates on the course material and any other valuable information to the students. This app gives the students access to a vast pool of information at their fingertips.

Prey Anti-Theft

Carrying lucrative smartphone in schools and colleges may invite a threat of possible theft. There are cases, where students misplace their smartphone or their phone is being stolen. Prey Anti-Theft app allows you to track the location of your device if it is missing. In addition, it is capable of monitoring the person using the device along with images and its current location. The app can even command the device remotely, to set an alarm or notify thieves by sending a message that the device has been traced.

These are some of the most popular and useful apps for both students and teachers. This collection of apps will come in handy right from the beginning till the end of the day. These applications will help you to be on the forefront, when it comes to assignment completions, classroom performance and updates on things happening around the campus.

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