Purchasing Applications Becomes Easier With Apple's Volume Purchase Program

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 11:55:10 AM , In Mobile Apps

Apple’s App Store Volume Purchase Program has come as a boon to the educational institutions and business organizations. With the help of this program institutions and companies would be able to make bulk purchases of all iOS applications for distribution. The App Store is that place on Apple’s official website which renders its customers with amazing business applications. With the introduction of the online App Store Volume Purchase Program, companies can now purchase applications for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices in a simple and efficient manner.

Apple App Store Volume Purchase Program provides the organizations with the ease of searching applications and determining the quantity of the purchase. The purchasing can be done with either procurement card or corporate credit card. You can start buying the applications in volume once you have enrolled yourself in this program. The advantage of this program is that a company can make unlimited purchases in a single transaction once it has enrolled itself in the program. But the volume purchasing program is available only for the paid applications.

In order to participate in the purchase program, any person from your organization can enroll to become a program manager. The work of the Program Manager is to set up and choose the program facilitators. A program facilitator is that person of the organization who has the authority to redeem the volume vouchers, get codes for the applications and can distribute those codes to the end users.

For getting enrolled in the program, your organization must have a D-U-N-S number, contact information which include company’s phone number and e-mail address and a valid address of the company. After you’re done with the enrollment process, Apple then verifies all the given information. After the verification process is successfully over, the company is asked to create an Apple ID which should be specifically used for the volume purchasing program. This Apple ID must only be used for the Purchasing program and it cannot be used for any other Apple programs or services.

After getting enrolled, you can start purchasing the applications. You can use the volume vouchers to purchase applications from the online App store volume purchase program. You can buy these volume vouchers by using a credit card, Pcard or purchase order. Then comes the role of program facilitators. The facilitators can redeem these volume vouchers to buy apps in volume. The facilitators then distribute the apps codes to the end users of the organization. These end users are other persons of the institution and they can redeem these apps codes to download the purchased applications.

Another great advantage of this program is that Apple is offering a secured and private way for the enrolled companies to sell customized B2B iOS applications through the Apple App Store Volume Purchase Program which can make the application more effective.

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