Seven Undeniable Benefits of Xamarin for Developers

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Seven Undeniable Benefits of Xamarin for Developers

Which app is better- native or cross-platform? – The question baffles many entrepreneurs while adapting enterprise mobility and BYOD concepts in full swing. Today, to reap the benefits from soaring number of smart devices’ users across the world, having cross-platform business app is the only solution.

Nowadays, even if entrepreneurs are keen for such app, at times, budget constraints restrict them, and they have to settle with native apps.

Some entrepreneurs initially launch apps for one platform and then wait for the customers’ response prior to making them available on all the major platforms. But then, customers are using devices of different platforms and, therefore, it is not advisable to launch a native app that works fine on a single platform.

Cross-platform apps’ concept is defined to cope with this situation. Entrepreneurs can either go for ‘Writing codes once that can run anywhere’- approach, or can opt for using one of the most robust and efficient app development frameworks to develop customized cross-platform apps.

Writing codes once that can run anywhere- approach

Some hybrid mobile app frameworks offer the cross-platform app development facility, but they have certain disadvantages that can prevent an app from being popular. This approach is, therefore, notorious, and it has high abandonment rates.

Use of cross-platform app development framework

The only solution of developing customized cross-platform apps is to use one of the best app development frameworks. When it comes to the most effective and efficient framework, we can certainly take the name of Xamarin. It comprises some elements that facilitate the development of apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Xamarin is perhaps the only framework that can effectively target all the major mobile platforms while developing a high quality app with a seamless performance like that of native apps.

cross-platform app development

Here is a list of seven useful benefits of Xamarin platform for developers:
  1. It uses C# language that enables developers to develop an app in a familiar environment. With sophisticated features like Generics, Linq, and useful Library, Xamarin facilitates app development with all the desired features
  2. Mono .NET framework in Xamarin allows developing apps that can run on Windows phone with the same performance as that in the other devices made of different OS
  3. It delivers high-performance compilation while coding along with full access to all the native APIs, which allows developers to create native apps with device-specific experiences
  4. It offers the facility of keeping Native UI across all the major platforms, which further enables developers to develop an app that has a native performance with full API coverage and app logic
  5. Re-using of tools and codes are possible in Xamarin that saves both time and resources
  6. Developers can readily integrate Xamarin with SDKs of all the different OS. Also, new features’ addition is also easy because of a single codebase
  7. It allows automatic and real-time testing of iOS and Android apps through TestCloud. Developers can test on hundreds of devices simultaneously with this facility and get immediate reports

In brief, writing apps in C# language, using the same code for every platform, and innovative tools- all these aspects make Xamarin a choice of millions of developers. It is fair to say that Xamarin is a trusted sailor to ride on the high tide of cross-platform apps.

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