Smaller Version of iPad Released – iPad Mini Specs, Features and Price

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Smaller Version of iPad Released – iPad Mini Specs, Features and Price

iPad Mini

The rumor mills have been spinning out big stories about a small iPad since months. The specs, features, prices and release date of a smaller version of iPad have been speculated upon by techies across the world. But now the iPad Mini (not iPad Nano as some had expected) has been released, and we know exactly what it looks like, how well it functions, how much it cost and when it will be available.

Launched at the perfect time to cash in on the coming Christmas holiday, the iPad mini has received rave reviews from all quarters. Right from the chamfered finish, light weight and easy-to-hold design to its large screen, long battery life and high-quality screen display, the mini version of iPad has got everything the way it should be. It is, without any arguments, the best mini tablet in the market. While its price is certainly more than that of other mini tablets in the market, it also offers a lot more value than any other device in the same category. Let’s take a close look at iPad mini specs and features.

Body & Build

Everyone was excepting iPad mini to be thin and slim, but its build has surpassed all expectations. It’s just 7.2 mm thick, weighs a feathery 308 grams and comes in black (& slate) and white (& silver). Needless to say, it is the thinnest mini tablet n in the market. It has an aluminum back which blends with a glass front which looks a little similar to iPhone 5. It’s also got a relatively larger screen which offers more significantly display space than most other existing tablets. Known for its innovative technology ventures, the Apple is introducing a Nano-Sim (smaller than microsim) to the iPads. The card was actually introduced during iPhone 5.

The Screen & Resolution

It has an LED-backlit 7.9 inch display which renders pages quickly. Its 4:3 ratio makes it possible to get a lot of content on the page. The screen can fit 25 app icons on every page. While the screen ratio makes it look a little squarer in comparison to the iPad, it seems to promote a better mobile experience.

Although it doesn’t have the retina display of iPad 3, it is as good as the iPad 2 screen with a 1024X768 resolution and 163 ppi. This paves the way for vibrant colors and sharp text. Also, as noted above, any apps that work on iPad will work seamlessly on iPad mini.

The Processing Power and Internet Connectivity

This mini tablet seems more and more like a concentrated version of iPad 2. It has a dual core A5 chip which makes it as fast as iPad 2. This means that websites, games and apps run smoothly and quickly on this device. It has LTE support. This means that, in most countries, it will be possible for the users to get 4G speeds.

It also has 5GHz WiFi which makes its compatible with fast browsing routers too. Users can expect a power packed performance from this device, and developers can be sure that their powerful apps and games will work smoothly on iPad Mini.

The Camera

Again, the camera is quite similar to what we’ve seen on the previous iPads. iPad Mini has a back-facing 5 megapixel iSight camera. However, the camera experience on the mini version of iPad is quite different. Owing to the lighter, slimmer and smaller body, it is very easy to take videos with one hand. There is no flash, but there the sensor has an f/2.4 aperture and backside illumination for low light shooting. It also has a 1.2 megapixel camera for Facetime.

According to some experts, contradictory features include the iSight camera’s features like autofocus, face detection, single tap to focus video or still images, and photo and video geotagging. It can take 1080p HD videos. Furthermore, the FaceTime camera can take 720p HD videos, has face detection ability and it also has photo and video geotagging.

The Battery

The iPad mini is powered by a 16.3-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery which can support up to ten hours of surfing web on WiFi, watching videos and listening to music. If you access the internet through cellular networks, the battery will last up to 9 hours. The battery can be charged through an adapter or through USB to computer system.

iPad Mini Release Date and Prices

Apple has made it possible for you to get an iPad mini quickly. You can get one in your hands by 2nd November. However, at first, it will ship the WiFi models only. The pre-orders will open up a week before the release date – 25 October. If you don’t want the WiFi only models but are waiting for the cellular models, you may have to wait a couple of weeks. Apple stock usually runs out within a few days of pre-orders. So, if you really want an iPad mini, don’t be late.

The WiFi only models cost $329 for 16GB, $429 for 32GB, and $529 for 64GB. Cellular models are priced a little higher at $459 for 16GB, $559 for 32GB, and $659 for 64GB. While the prices are a little higher than that of other tablets, iPad mini packs a lot more punch than any other mini tablet in the market.

Other Noteworthy iPad Mini Facts and Features

There are lots of similarities between the iPad 2 and iPad mini. A lot of hardware features are almost identical. But several of the software features are akin to that of the new iPad. While the color and finish of the device is similar to that of iPhone 5, instead of being plain black or while, iPad minis are available in Black & Slate or White & Silver.

The iPad mini wireless is dual-band: It supports 802.11a/b/g wireless and 802.11n on 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz frequency bands. In addition, it has Bluetooth 4.0 which will be handy for low-power connections. Not surprisingly, it has a lighting connector just like the one in iPhone 5.

What iPad Mini Launch Means for iPad Developers and Entrepreneurs

iPad developers, programmers and businessmen will breathe a sigh of relief as iPad mini has the same resolutions as iPad and iPad 2. This means that all existing iPad apps on the App Store will work perfectly with iPad mini.

So, there won’t be any hassle of upgrading, redesigning or porting most of the 275,000 existing apps to fit the iPad Mini screen. Games developers are also happy because all the games that work on iPads will work perfectly on iPad mini. As the iPad mini uses the A5 processor, even the heavy-duty games will work smoothly on this device.

It is expected that iPad Mini will sell 5-10 million units by the end of this year. There are already 100 million iPads out there, and the addition of iPad Minis that run iPad-specific apps will lead to a greater number of app downloads. Thus, owing to a larger customer base, developing iPad apps will become even more lucrative.

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