Smart Parental Control on BlackBerry – Restrict or Limit Access for Children

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The young generation is smarter. They learn things very quickly but then parents have very less control over what they actually learn. When it comes to smartphones like BlackBerry, the parents are worried about the bad things their kids learn through Internet or applications. Smart parental control on BlackBerry helps in restricting or limiting the access for kids. This way, the parents can give their children phones for communication without worrying.

Recently, BlackBerry launched an application that enables the parents to restrict access of the smartphone. The new app is downloadable from BlackBerry App World (BAW) for the parents whose phone runs on latest OS of BlackBerry (BlackBerry 6 and 7). However, this app is available on a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Subscription) Package.

What is the problem with children using BlackBerry?

There are many surveys done on the usage of smartphones by children and its consequences. Kids are likely to get distracted by calls, SMS and certain engaging applications that are not so productive but just addictive. Most of the kids are busy talking to their friends all day and on the other hand, many browse the porn websites. A report by investigators at the London School of Economics, Open University and the U.K.’s Institute of Education reveals that 1/3rd of under-18 texters get a raunchy sex photos by SMSs and emails.

In addition to many, taking videos and still photographs is also a major concern for the parents as kids spend a lot of time shooting their friends and then upload on the social networking sites. There are many dangers of using smartphones for kids that you can learn and try to solve.

The breakthrough -Parental controls app by BlackBerry

The application on the BlackBerry smartphone restricts or limits the access to some of the core functionalities on the device. Let’s learn two of them here…

Phone calls limitation: the parents can BlackBerry Parental Control Appnow limit the phones to receive the calls only from the numbers listed in contact application. This feature can help blocking incoming calls from unknown or unwanted calls on child’s mobile.

Camera: this powerful control brings robust restriction to the use of camera for both; still pictures and videography. When clicked on camera, it shows the message ‘Camera has been blocked’.

Apart from this couple, BlackBerry parental controls also help protecting the personal information, PIN or personal info like house address and landline number.

BlackBerry App World and customized RIM Development

Furthermore, the BlackBerry App World has content rating. This also has the option of filter for certain apps. Every item in this store is given a rating based on the user the app is built for. You can even filter the content you see on App World and restrict the setting by putting a 4-digit password.

BlackBerry apps development is not just for business applications. The parents can also hire RIM programmer to build customized software that help them limiting certain things on their kids’ phone. Using parental controls through such apps, the parents can become worry free and give away the phone to their kids for all good use.

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