Super Six Principles for Mobile App Design

By Abhishek Amin May 4, 2021, 11:25:00 AM , In Mobile Apps
Super Six Principles for Mobile App Design

UI/UX design plays an important role in any mobile application that is developed to be a success in the true sense. Even if 100% code quality is there with no bugs or any technical glitches, a mobile app is destined to be a failure after all that money, time, and efforts spent; if the Importance of UI/UX in Mobile App Development is ignored and not performed properly.

UI/UX designing of a mobile application plays a huge role. That is to leverage the app to its maximum usage from a user experience point of view. One must implement a benchmark, to set either a new UI or keep staring at your application.

In this article, we are discussing the inevitable design principles, to create flawless UI/UX designs. Before we start, it is necessary for us to have that mobile screen mindset. Let’s move forward then, shall we?

6 Mobile App Design Principles

1. Understand the Goals

The best thing for any UI/UX design team would be to start with the design sprint process. Design Sprint is a process for understanding and discussing business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with users. It allows the designers to gain a clear vision of the goals upfront. It helps in making important decisions beforehand and to solve complex problems faster.

An undeniable fact is that if users do not find your app an appealing one, they are not going to respond to you or stay with the app for long. The success of any mobile app depends on the overall look and feel of it. The end-user experience is a catalyst behind the success of mobile apps. 

We all are the users of at least one or many mobile applications and we keep recommending those apps to our friends and family. All the rave reviews of a mobile app are a result of the first interaction, look, and feel. This is where the importance of strategic UI/UX design services comes into the picture and the design sprint process plays a crucial role.

2. Flawless & User-friendly App Navigation

It is also important to keep things simple without complicating or overtrying too many things with the app features and functionality. It is vital to keep every section of the app unfold consistently in order to create a seamless and smooth flow. There has to be uniformity and consistency in icons, texts, graphics, colors, etc. Using a design system like Arsenic Design System can ensure that design remains consistent throughout the app. 

The key elements must be clearly visible to the users, especially for the app navigation and functionality. Never think of placing them in any sort of menus or areas where users fail to access them. 

3. Sizes for Better Readability

Elements like the text content, button shapes, links, etc. you include in the app shall be normally based on the people’s vision, dexterity, and sizes of the fingers. We all know that which finger we use the most while accessing any app on our mobile phones. It’s the thumb!! Thumb drives 75% of interaction in smartphones even it is not the most flexible when compared to the fingers.

This is why it becomes imperative to consider the importance of a button size or font size. Because if the link or button is too tiny to be tapped by the size of the thumb, the experience of the user is going to get hampered.

4. Integrate Mobile App Design Capabilities 

The designers of the app need to consider the devices in the market on which the app is going to be used. The idea behind this is to integrate the capabilities based on the device features to make the most of the app. Go through the points given below:

  • At the time of clicking and swiping, there could also be others that users aren’t conscious of gestures. Note that the gestures that are invisible to the users, you want to highlight them smartly to draw the users’ attention.
  • Many variants of smartphones have huge differences in the keyboards. It annoys users to pick one if your app needs something for inputting. Ideally, it is advised to permit specific variations to seem automatic.
  • A portrait is repeatedly a default orientation for several apps, better to not ignore the usefulness of the landscape orientation if there’s a requirement for typing.

5. Honor the needs of different platforms

Are you targeting the Apple users of Android users? The app design must have that required flexibility if you are developing an iOS app or an Android app and want to extend to a different platform, even if you are developing a cross-platform application that runs on both platforms.

The focus should be, the mobile app design must be compatible on different platforms. If you find it difficult, invest in different app versions for different platforms. This everything depends on your targeted audiences and their preferred platforms.

6. Strategic App Testing with Design Scalability Intact

Testing of the app functionality and design remains crucial at every stage. It is not always about the QA testing services. The equal importance also lies for the mobile app developers and designers too. 

The QA testing is done for app functionalities to make sure there are no bugs and gets compiled without any errors. Use different usability tests like remote testing and user testing to make sure you can truly satisfy your customers. 

But to cut down the possibility of end-time iterations, the design and development team must be aware of timely and constant testing. The designers must think, design, and implement scalable designs which can be a futuristic design thinking practice. Design changes will evolve with time. No current app is going to stay with the same design in the future. 

Final Say… The Bottomline is!!

We all are rushing into mobile apps because of their simple, user-friendly functionality, and the ability to get things done quickly with a few taps. But the truth remains with the fact that UI/UX design is the primary thing that completely defines our experience with the app. However, giving importance to the UI/UX designing in mobile app development, keep in mind that the design shall never compromise the speed of the app.

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