Are the on-demand models ruling the business world?

By Rania Jul 23, 2020, 12:18:36 PM , In Mobile Apps
Are the on-demand models ruling the business world?

Consumer behavior never stopped evolving forcing any good or service provider to adopt asap or lose the market! And so did emerge the very famous on-demand economy models that went from a “let’s try” concept to having an entire on-demand business field involving companies and startups.

Nowadays On-demand models are the trendiest mobile app-based business carters that cover a wide range of users’ needs from delivery and transportation to customized services entitled fast, simple and efficient. 

Blessings of on-demand models :

Whether it is for the customer or the entrepreneur on-demand models benefits are lit!

Here are the major benefits of adopting on-demand apps for your business 

Elevate  in market competition :

The world is simply running mobile. Adopting a mobile app-based business model is a huge elevation between competitors in the means that businesses that are not planning to invest in mobile app development and build a business strategy with mobile marketing will be foolish to do so a can consider their business way behind in the market. 

Taking customer satisfaction to another scale:

The best way to bring in customers over and over again will be by offering custom features in what you do and answer your customer personalized needs in your services. 

Amazing data access and business improvement opportunities:

 due to the personalization based online models, you will be able to collect a huge database offering you very specified info like their preferences and feedback and other data that leads to great improvement in your business practices with the right analysis and eventually retain your customers.

Guarantee efficiency and enhance customer experience:

On-Demand apps are focused on offering effective and efficient services to consumers directly. The ease of availability to choose services within a few clicks is what makes it a convenient choice for the consumers. 

Build trust and CR through features 

On-demand models come up with very interesting features providing the best user experience possible and build user-provider bonds and a great customer relationship based on trust.

such as: 

  • Map tracking features: Enabling the customer to track the real-time location of his parcel.
  •  Different payment options and refund facilities: enabling customers to chose to make payment their way and feel safe and in control. 
  • Rating and review option: what feels better than the freedom to express your opinion. the business image is based on positive reviews and high ratings. 
  • Booking cancellation: This feature gives the facility to the customer to reconsider his choices without pressure and allows them to cancel or reschedule the booking as per their comfort.

 Industries That Leverage On-Demand App services are certainly growing bigger and bigger 

Diversified domains and a wide range of choices:

On-demand apps are interfering in every domain and spicing up every industry! it gives entrepreneurs a wider choice to generate value delivery ideas in different domains such as healthcare and house services.

here are some major domains :

Domains of activity & live examples:

Any Customer demand should be fulfilled by delivering immediate goods and services anytime they want and anywhere they need. and so did the on-demand invaded various industries. Here are some of the main domains marked by on-demand models and some successful examples.

On-demand transportation :

moving from one place to another is one click away with GPS based applications enabling people to determine the point of their departure and arrivals with fast and anywhere accessible services at prefixed fees 

Of course, no one can Evoque this concept without mentioning the pioneers UBER, OLa, and Airbnb as a live successful example of taxi-hailing and transport experience.

On-demand delivery:

What is better than getting anything your purchase at your door? 

Your shopping won’t feel heavy anymore!

When it comes to food delivery Consumers adores having their food delivered from their favorite restaurant hot anytime and wherever they are The secret of those apps is the development of a good logistic network and a great financial plan.

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On-demand beauty

This raising concept enables customers to get access to all needed beauty services (hair salons, nail salons, massage, and other beauty care..etc ) at home.

On-demand health care 

With the introduction of on-demand services in Healthcare, many issues in health domains got resolved.

 Now medicines are just a matter of few clicks away from the patient not depending on the times of any pharmacies and waiting in a long queue in the hospital is no longer requested.

“Doctor on-demand” and “HealthTap” apps need no introduction 

On-Demand professional services 

The diversity of this domain ranges in its large spectrum of covered activities: 

  • Carpentry
  • Electrician
  • Pest Control
  • Household work
  • Baby Sitting
  • Plumbing..ect

Your emergency plumber is one click away with apps like Handy!

Imagine That the on-demand models are the pre-inventors of the e-commerce concept !! 

It is expected that the on-demand concept will continue to disrupt many industries apart from the usual ones.

Technologies won’t stop playing a major role in our lives and so on-demand models have a competitive advantage 

On-demand Apps are for no doubt the future for most of the traditional industries. So what are you waiting for? 

Make your service choices, develop a geographical strategy to start and consult a trusted mobile app development partner! 

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