The Curtain Raiser of iPhone 5

By admin Sep 7, 2012, 1:52:36 PM , In Mobile Apps

The stage has been set, the members of the press have been invited, and the product is ready. 12th September, 2012 is the date that will put an end to the long ringing rumors of iPhone 5. The sixth generation of Apple’s smartphone has already raised expectations of users to the peak, and it all unveils on the given date. Lots of speculations have been made about its features and designs. The recent leaks hint that iPhone’s fifth generation has a brand new design accompanied with a 4-inch display. The list of speculated features is, perhaps, very long.

Well, even if you aren’t one of those people who pay much heed to rumors and speculations, you’ll have to agree that this product has come in the spotlight even before it hit the stage. Although, this has been the case for Apple’s all mobile devices, the hype for iPhone 5 has reached its zenith. Starting right from analysis to opinions, till now, iPhone 5 has enjoyed being the center of attention all these months.

However, the final verdict can only be given after the real product has been used and tested. Now that the release date has been announced, the iPhone fans are waiting with bated breath for the curtain raiser of this much anticipated device, so that they can get an actual glimpse of the real product.

So, we are here to keep all those eager fans updated about all the action that would take place during the unveiling of iPhone 5. Yes, we are going for a live blogging on this very date, so that not a single iPhone 5 fan misses out on the thrill, excitement, and updates on their favorite smartphone. Watch out for our live blogging on 12th September, 2012, when we would be giving you the live updates on Apple’s renewed smartphone.

Till then, stay keen and stay enthusiastic!

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