The Enterprise Choice – iOS Platform

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The Enterprise Choice – iOS Platform

Let’s start with the latest findings of the mobility index report that says- iOS has a dominating 69% overall enterprise share, followed by 29% share of android platform. Obviously, the introduction of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus plays a major role in achieving it. But it is not the only factor. Factors that significantly help iOS platform dominate in enterprises are numerous. Here is a short list of them:

The Enterprise Choice- iOS Platform

Factors favoring iOS

  • Casper Suit advantage: Allowing employees to use new iPhones like their phones, enterprises can use iPhones as enterprise mobility device. Thanks to Casper Suit feature of iOS, an enterprise can replace the initial Apple prompt with own log-in. Employees can use it to get the necessary notifications, enterprise apps, and company e-mails. Enterprise can target a user or group of users to give access to their apps, settings, etc.
  • Full disk encryption for full security: When it comes to personal and company security, Apple favors no compromise. Full disk encryption on the desktop is a major safety feature for both employees and enterprises.
  • Revolutionary iOS 8 makes the iPhone as the most suitable option for enterprises with lots of enterprise-friendly features. No wonder that the iPhone 6 made up 17% of all the activations in the month of September. Some major benefits of iOS 8 for enterprises are following:
    • It offers the ability to see co-workers’ work schedule.
    • For Adobe/PDF files, it provides better assistance.
    • It empowers IT department to establish rules and regulations regarding access and important information transfer.
    • The innovative TouchID fingerprint system expands toward all apps, which enables enterprises to protect their apps with biometric security.
    • The most advanced notification scheme (that Apple called ‘Interactive Notifications’) allows users to reply to notifications even from the lock screen.

All these and other numerous features make iOS a preferred choice for enterprises. From advantages point-of-view, iOS has some most innovative features that offer the best enterprise mobility solution in iPhones and iPads. Some of the enterprise benefits are following:

Benefits to business:

  • iOS have a support feature for both Microsoft Exchange Accounts and ActiveSync that enables enterprises and employees to attach PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, etc. documents with e-mails.
  • Having got the strongest security from iOS, companies can readily use iOS devices to transfer their valuable data. No other platform can provide multi-level security features like iOS platform.
  • iOS support VPN protocols that enable employees to access office internet securely while away from their office.
  • With the remote configuration facility, companies can readily manage their app’s access, necessary restrictions, editing, etc.

That’s not all! iOS offer numerous salient advantages for enterprises. No wonder that, for enterprise mobility implementation, iOS becomes the first choice of the global enterprises.

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