The Possible Impact Of iOS 7 On Mobile Games

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The Possible Impact Of iOS 7 On Mobile Games

The much awaited release of iOS 7 was finally out with many updates and improvements in the overall look and functionality. The operating system looks simple, clear and uncluttered. Apple has added around 1500 new APIs for developers to take advantage of. Some of the better news is around the new gaming technologies. The sole objective of the new APIs release is to provide improved experiences for both game developers and gamers.

The effects of iOS 7 on iPhone and iPad Gaming

The effects of iOS 7 on iPhone and iPad Gaming

Out of the number of APIs included in iOS7 the notable ones are the support for Game controller hardware from third-party providers. These APIs are part of MFi program made for iPhone, iPad and iPod. This would eliminate the need for developers to install external SDKs to use standalone accessories like gamepads and joysticks.

These will not only help developers to enhance the playing experience of gamers on the existing games and games aligned for development, but also would be the strong contenders for conventional console market, PlayStation 3 and Xbox. This decision of Apple will allow developers to realize a more complete vision when developers create a mobile game. This new release would have a notable impact on the mobile games.

The Caliber Advantage

Developers are likely to come up with realistic and interactive games for iOS 7. It would also support external controllers that can sync with the iPhone. Instead of separate controller that is more like a standard gamepad, the caliber advantage is placed or is using the iPhone case. The user can slide the case from left and right and play games as in consoles. The caliber advantage has analog controls and lithium polymer battery that can run for 10-12 hours of game play.  The APIs in iOS 7 will allow support for such controllers and become the first choice for gamers over consoles and  PlayStation.

Gaming controllers will gather momentum

Many companies are already planning to introduce game controllers to take advantage of the capabilities of iOS 7. iOS 7 support for game controllers would be a huge win for consumers.  Companies are also working on products that support MFi.

Game developers will consider controller support

Though, this is a major transformation and opportunity for game developers, Apple wants consumers to be able to play without controllers. Apple very well understands needs of gamers and are aiming to target the trends they know that exists. Considering the controller support, game developers will be able to accelerate on developing sophisticated games for iOS. This will redirect the attention of the gamers from Xbox and Sony, which are expensive gaming alternatives.

Consumer spending

The consumer spending on games of mobiles have already surpassed the total spending on dedicated gaming handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP. Moreover, the spending has experienced a tremendous high in the first quarter of 2013. Revenues for conventional game plays would continue to decrease with packaged game shipments and consumer spending.

The iOS 7 guide for developers shows that the controllers will be have the ability to offer maximum assistance for configurations of a directional pad, two joysticks, up to six buttons. Developers will look to explore and grab this opportunity to serve consumers with something new.

These are some opportunities presented by the new operating system from Apple. The APIs supported games in iOS would definitely widen the scope of experiments for developers and also give consumers a cheap alternative for Xbox and PlayStation.

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