The Reasons Why ‘Dying’ is Difficult with Apps on Your Mobile

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The Reasons Why ‘Dying’ is Difficult with Apps on Your Mobile

Those who are in their forties and fifties will remember that their parents and grandparents got a little medical help whenever they needed. Even worse, at times, there were instances of deaths due to lack of emergency treatment of cardiac attack, respiratory arrest, asthmatic episode and the like. Thanks to healthcare mobile apps on your smart device that brings in the prophecies of your health and its state. Mobile applications customized to healthcare industry not just help the user knowing their current health state, but also regularly send notification to their doctors. That’s how, the ‘dying’ is difficult today with super apps for health at the helm.There have been many instances published in the news talking about a mobile app saving someone’s life.

Apps helping elderly

Apps helping elderly

The global sales of smart devices are likely to reach 1.5 billion by 2016 and a decade from now, we shall expect almost everyone carrying a smartphone in their hands. You can have a myriad of mobile applications on Apple and Android store for almost everything under the sun and healthcare is no exception. All this allows us to know about our health better than ever before. Whether you want to know the calories you consume every day (calories intake) or want to track how much energy did you spend while jogging this morning (calories spending), everything is possible through mobile apps for health. Indeed, these apps have revolutionized the way people have been engaged with healthcare.

Here I can think of five major benefits that come from using tailor-made mobile apps for healthcare

Ease to Access the Medical Records

The healthcare mobile applications’ best use is to improve patient safety. These apps make healthcare safer as they provide patients with tools to manage and monitor their own health. The healthcare centers and corporate hospitals can update all the information of your illness and treatment on your app. This will help you view the history of hospitalizations, vaccinations and things the like. An added advantage of having such app is it can pop up the reminders of taking pills. This could be a lifesaving thing as a patient are less likely to forget important medication of hypertension, diabetes and chemotherapy.

Alerts to Patients and Their Doctors

The smartest use of healthcare apps is generating alerts that not only notify the patients but also warn their respected doctors. The Internet of Things help further in this. Regular monitoring of cholesterol, calories intake and spending, weight and height measurements (especially for kids) and heartbeat rate can be recorded and saved. This record is directly shared with concerned physicians –say cardiologists who can closely monitor your heart’s activities. Any abnormality that would otherwise go unnoticed can be traced by the doctor and they can call you for the checkup to ensure that everything is safe. The vital data of respiration rate, pulse rate, heartbeats etc. can be constantly monitored for the people who are vulnerable to deadly diseases’ attacks.

Increased Health Awareness

The patients can enjoy health tips and articles that are relevant to their health and thus can gain knowledge. This, in turn, saves them from being contracted by diseases and ailments. For instance, the healthcare tips on how to keep your body slim and trim will make a lady understand the dos and don’ts and keep obesity at bay. Elderly people can be benefitted by various healthcare applications that teach them the changes in lifestyles at this later stage of lives of them.

Apart from above mentioned benefits that come from customized healthcare applications, these apps also help reduce Medicare frauds, book an appointment with a doctor at a healthcare center or private clinic, and send or receive X-rays and other laboratory reports anywhere to anyone, etc. This said, in coming years, it will be easier for the patient to delay the fatal attacks and for all good sake, even possible to overcome them once and for all.

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