The Top Five Worst Applications of 2012

By admin Jan 25, 2013, 12:04:14 PM , In Mobile Apps
The Top Five Worst Applications of 2012

The year of 2012 has been a perk for mobile developers in building user-friendly applications. There is no doubt that last year has been the most challenging one for the developers in order to captivate evangelistic audiences in a hyper-targeted way. With millions of apps already available, developers are finding it very challenging to cut through the noise and get their app discovered and downloaded.

Worst Mobile Apps in 2012

Worst Mobile Apps in 2012

Mobile apps in 2012

A survey reveals that 70% of all transactions and searches on mobile platform result into some action within an hour. So, in order to earn more revenue, developers were furiously engaged in developing creative mobile applications. Also, a successful developer spends 14% of his time on app for its marketing and advertising. But instead of doing progressive marketing, only 41% of developers are able to enjoy returns on their investments. While rest 59%, failed to do so.

So what went wrong? Why developers were forced to bump into no win situation for their apps? …. which they think was different and cost-effective!

Essentially, the success of every app depends on users’ experience and their time spent on it. Users, here are the ultimate decision maker for the victory of any app. According to their experience, some applications in 2012 were not up to their mark. There were many flaws in designing and building those apps.

Whether you are an Android user or iPhone, check out the top 5 least favorite, crashing and glitch-prone apps that failed to lap quantity users. Find out whether your favorite app makes this list or not. The outcome might surprise you!

  1. Facebook App: Android and iPhone users may agree with this universally flawed app. Yes you heard me right. The biggest cramp with this is, to push the notifications. Notifications are supposed to alert us with new messages and events. But, it has been noticed that it repeatedly inform us with our old activities. Oh, if anyone tries to click through different features too quickly, the app gets crashed!
  2. Weather Channel App: Do you think you should take umbrella today because your Weather Channel App says so? Well don’t trust it anymore, as most of the times it gets stuck on yesterday’s climate and weather. This had misled many users.
  3. Hold On! : Among all, this app is the lamest one. After you get it download, you need to press the button in the middle of the screen. Then press it for some more time, hold on to it for as long as possible or until to remember that you have a life! And…that’s it! This is the app whole about. You can also login to get your score updated. Yes, this has made a worst deal in this list.
  4. Cow Toss:  This is the most pointless app ever written by developers. As the name suggests here, you have to drag a cow and it get tossed in the air. And tossing a cow will toss you some points. That’s it. What else you want!
  5. SimStapler: This is all time classic worthless app for users. Once you get it download, you can stimulate stapling something. This’ it! It’s not a game not an app actually, but just a stapler! This is the ultimate time you wasted on planet!

Including these there are many other similar apps available in online stores. But these were the top five app which were considered as the lamest and pointless ones by our team. This is the reason why only 41% of developers are able to enjoy their returns. I have used these apps and have shared my experience. Let’s hope that developers make that to 100% and bring us a magnificent change in 2013.


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