The Wait is Over – Apple iPhone 5 Features & Specs

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The New Apple iPhone 5 with iOS 6Millions of people worldwide had been waiting for the release of iPhone 5, and it seems that the wait was well worth it. The latest iPhone is a lot thinner, faster and lighter than the previous iPhones. Many details regarding iPhone 5 had been leaked a few hours before the event, and many of the rumors proved to be true. While there are a quite a few innovative features in this version of the iPhone, the major changes have been made in the hardware of the device.

If you’ve been following our live blogging of iPhone 5 launch event, you must be aware of the good points and not so good points of Apple’s new smartphone. The new A6 chip makes the smartphone faster, and it also provides better graphic support. It’s also got a better camera, bigger (longer) screen, more powerful battery, better audio, and an 8pin connector. Let’s see what all these innovations mean.

A6 Processor

This is the best thing about the latest iPhone. The A6 Chipset has double the speed of the A5 processor in iPhone 4S. Not only will this speed up the phone, but it will also increase the speed of loading graphics.

Bigger Display

Along with the display, the design and materials used for making the new iPhone have been changed. Now you can get an all-glass and aluminum iPhone in two different colors – black and white. In order to reduce the width of the phone, Apple developed a special nano-SIM which is 44% smaller than the one in iPhone 4S.

8pin Connector

Apple has come up with a 8pin connector and named it Lighting. It is said that this new adapter is a lot more durable, it’s 80% smaller than the previous connectors, and it works using either side.


The latest iPhone will be has LTE connectivity. In order to bring LTE to iPhone 5, Apple has invented a single-radio LTE solution. This enables Apple to provide superfast Internet to people using the new iPhone.


In order to support the more powerful A6 Chipset, large display and LTE connectivity, Apple had to build a more powerful battery. While details regarding the iPhone 5 battery are unavailable, Apple claims that it is even better than the one in iPhone 4S.

Better Audio

A new microphone has been added, so iPhone 5 has three microphones. The speaker has five magnets; it takes 20% less time. Noise cancellation features have also been improved; while a new wideband audio features promises better voice quality.

Release Date and Price

People living in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore will be able to preorder iPhone 5 on September 14. The smartphone will go on sale on 21st September. By the end of the month, over 100 other countries will get iPhone 5. The smartphone is available in three different capacity versions: 16 GB ($199), 32 GB ($299), and 64 GB ($399).

But it’s not all wonderful news. While Apple is bound to sell hundreds of millions of iPhones in the coming months, critics are not particularly impressed with this iPhone. Although the combination of iOS features and the new iPhone will provide an amazing experience to the users, the new iPhone just seems to be a faster, sleeker and lighter version of iPhone 4S. Apple is expected to come up with disruptive products that revolutionize the market and send competitors scrambling to catch up. It is debatable whether iPhone 5 will have this effect.

Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event (Video)

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