Titanium Vs Sencha Touch Vs PhoneGap – All You Need to Know

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Titanium Vs Sencha Touch Vs PhoneGap – All You Need to Know

In a cutthroat business scenario, companies want to reach as many people as possible, but then as people use different mobile devices working on different OS, it is difficult for them to address a huge smartphone users’ community with native apps for a specific platform.

Cross-platform Mobile Apps- Compelling Necessity

To effectively cope with the diversity of mobile platforms, companies need to opt for cross-platform apps. In other words, companies require the tailored apps that can run seamlessly on every platform irrespective of different devices.

A few years back, cross-platform apps’ development was costly, and SMEs could not afford it. Nowadays, it gets cheaper with the technological advancement called cross-platform mobile app tools. Out of several available cross-platform app tools, Titanium, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap are outstanding tools that can readily develop mobile apps that work fine on different platforms. Let us compare them in this blog:

Titanium Appcelerator: It uses many languages including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Python to develop applications that can run on both Android and iOS. High performance and the minimal difference with native apps are two strong advantages of this platform. It offers a wide range of native features and a huge developers’ support as it is an open-source framework. Its single JavaScript codebase enables developers to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and Tizen.

Sencha Vs Titanium Vs PhoneGap

Sencha Vs Titanium Vs PhoneGap

Sencha Touch: It is specifically built for the mobile web, and its developers also offer a framework for developing regular web pages. It is based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript that enables developers to develop HTML5 based cross-platform mobile apps in a rapid manner. Mobile apps made by Sencha Touch offer experience like native apps inside a browser. Its development team has an open support forum to answer the users’ questions.

PhoneGap: It is considered as the most successful mobile framework for mobile app development. It is the most popular open-source framework to date. Mobile app for almost all the platforms under the sun is possible through this HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3 based platform. It is a very swift platform that transforms any web app to native apps for Android or iOS within an hour. Also, it offers a huge technical assistance to the developers.

App developers can use any of these platforms for making tailored cross-platform applications on the basis of clients’ requirements and individual skills.

Here is a quick guide to understanding fundamental aspects of all three platforms:

Comparison of cross-platform tools

Aspects Titanium Appcelerator Sencha Touch PhoneGap
Platforms iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Tizen Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and Tizen iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm, Bada, and webOS
Programming languages Jscript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, and Python Jscript, HTML5, and CSS3 Jscript, HTML5, and CSS3
Open-source No No Yes
Popularity Moderate to high High Highest
Functional differences with native apps Minimal Medium Medium  
Specifically built for Mobile apps Mobile web Mobile apps  

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