Top Five Applications for Presidential Election 2016

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 1:35:35 PM , In Mobile Apps
Top Five Applications for Presidential Election 2016

The US citizens are going to exercise the biggest right of democracy, voting! As November comes nearer, the entire country and the whole world are getting more and more intrigued by the upcoming presidential election. When it comes to an affluent democratic country like the US where every citizen wants to get the real-time information related to electoral process and campaigns on the handheld devices, mobile apps seem like a perfect option.

However, many interesting and informative mobile apps are available these days for having every bit of electoral battlefield in the US, only a few of them are noteworthy.

Here we mention top five applications that enable you to know the upcoming US Presidential Election inside out:

  1. US Elections 2016-Newsfusion
    It offers you a non-biased news feed that covers every aspect of the US election. You can see debates, interviews, and media appearances of both the President hopefuls from the leading YouTube channels. It offers you a facility to tag-and- share any article with your opinion. If you want to save interesting stories to read later, just do so! Though the app is free on iTunes, you need to spend $2.99 for having its ad-free version.
  2. All Politics-Mediasota, LLC
    If you want to catch every single activity done by two presidential candidates in the political
    arena, then this app is for you! It contains political news and views along with political satire and cartoons. What’s more, you can get aggregated news feed from Fox, MSNBC, and other popular sources. You can also watch interesting discussions between the Republicans and the Democrats with this free app. Left and right talk radio is another goody in this wonderful app.
  3. 270toWin-Electoral Ventures, LLC
    This awesome app is designed for iPads only. It focuses on Electoral College that will decide the fate of both the candidates on November 8. The candidate who will achieve 270 or more electoral votes will win the White House. This app facilitates you to track the final lap of the election campaign. The app has engaging graphics and voting history given in an eloquent manner for studying the pattern and the mood of voters during past elections. You can get this app for less than a dollar!
  4. Voter-Voter, LLC
    This iPhone app will help you decide a candidate. Just answer the questionnaire set in a Tinder- like format, and the app will determine the most suitable candidate as per your interests. You can also find out the news anchors and talk show hosts with beliefs similar to yours. This app will guide you to the place and time of voting on the Election Day. Right now, you can see the GOP and Democratic candidates for Senate and the presidential election.
  5. Real Clear Politics-Real Clear Holdings, LLC
    If you are in search of the most relevant and trusted commentaries, news, and polling data during the ongoing election campaign of two White House hopefuls, Real Clear Politics can do the job! You can get updated data throughout the day starting from morning on iPhone or iPads with this excellent app. It smartly and widely covers all the political activities in the US.

All or any of these apps are must-have for your smartphones or tablets if you closely follow the US Presidential Election 2016.

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