Top Reasons Why iOS Developers are Migrating to Swift

By Abhishek Amin Jun 23, 2021, 8:51:21 AM , In Mobile Apps
Top Reasons Why iOS Developers are Migrating to Swift

Apple introduced Swift programming to build an iOS app at a rapid pace. However, migrating apps from Objective C to this new language may take some getting used to. Swift is about to replace C for embedded programming on Apple platforms for iOS app development. It is the best replacement of Objective C for iPhone, iPad, MAC, Apple Watch, etc.

Swift for iPhone app development

Swift is not the programming language of the biggest technology companies in the world but has also major support from IBM and a variety of apps like Lyft, Vimeo, or Pixelmator. Apple embraced Swift as a substitute for Objective C. Its main aim was not only to improve the old programming language but to open the boundaries of coding with an intent to make it easy for iOS app development across the globe. This technology helps iOS developers easy to digest and get the most effective performance from its devices. 

The introduction of Swift for iOS app development has not only opened a large market for Apple, but it has also emerged as a great asset for smartphone makers for the productivity and creativity of its enterprise customers.

Start Swift Programming

Starting with Swift programming is quite easy and seamless since it requires no setup for the main function or the need to import the references. Thus, more of the iOS UI is maintained by the libraries that help you to initiate with the core of iOS app development even before giving any look and feel.

Another important feature of swift programming is that it supports the type interface. And even if it is not typed intensely, it is considered to be the type-safe, which means even if you miss to declare the type of variable, instead set it to be one that is already declared, then Swift concludes that it is a declared type – neglecting the risk of crashes and makes your code safe.

Nevertheless, Swift is solely an approach that is designed to make coding even more accessible if you initiate with Swift programming. Get a quote from our experts for your iOS app development in Swift or if you are seeking to hire a Swift programmer to work dedicatedly on your project.

Reasons to migrate to Swift

Interpretation as an idiom of Objective C

Swift is mainly interpreted as a new idiom of Objective C that helps to build up its syntax with support using modern constructs, besides it also helps to simplify the specific key constructs to make your code more readable.


Swift programming is emerged as a similar development environment to Objective C, while iOS developers were using many closed and open-sourced projects with Objective C. All developers have to mix and match Swift and Objective C code in the same iOS app development. This not only helps to reuse the existing libraries in new apps but also helps to save efforts in rewriting code you want to reuse.

Addition of playgrounds to Xcode

Another important innovation of Swift programming is the addition of playgrounds to Xcode. Since Apple has been tackling Xcode 6 and Swift to expose more of the LVVM compiler to its developers, the playgrounds help developers to test sections quickly of code to check if they necessarily need what they want – without leaving the IDE. 

Generally, migrating iOS app development to Swift from Objective C is resulting to be fruitful and is been one of the fruitful decisions for the owners of the application. The response we got from our iOS app development services, our clients are happy about the advanced performance of the app. It not only includes the improved speed of the apps but also results in a superior experience. Even technically, iOS app development with the help of Swift programming language is easier to upgrade. 

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