Trending Technologies in the iPhone

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 10:16:17 AM , In Mobile Apps
Trending Technologies in the iPhone

The new iPhone 5C and the 5S have some truly noteworthy features that have surely grabbed the attention of the smartphone industry. The new launches may very well be the most impressive jump to date, in the context of being an upgrade from last year’s iPhone model. The device has slightly improved battery life, works faster, a 64-bit processor new fingerprint scanning system, and a better camera with a dual-LED flash. Is this forward-thinking phone the right phone for right now? Here are 5 trends trying to answer this question.

Faster Processor:

The new devices will run on a new 64-bit chip A7, from Apple’s stable. This new chip is the first of its kind on a smartphone device. It runs almost twice as fast as its previous model, introducing speed gains in both graphics and performance. With graphics up to 56 times faster, the A7 offers CPU boosts that are almost 42 times faster than the original iPhone. There is also an M7 chip that will work alongside the A7, which Apple describes as a “motion coprocessor.” Its only purpose is to continually track motion data, which will enable developers to create “a new generation” of fitness apps for the iOS. These new advances hint at that is a step ahead of the competition and has one eye on the future.

New Choice of Colors:

For the first time in the history of the iPhone, the customers will be given the option to choose colors other than just black or white for their iPhone devices. This is one of the most personal and visually distinctive things about the device, which gives its users more options. The colors that are being offered are three choices for the iPhone 5s, which are space gray and black, silver and gold and silver and white.

New and Improved iSight Camera:

With a quicker aperture for more lighting, a dual LED color temperature matching flash, a larger 8 MP sensor with bigger pixels, and improved ISP, the camera system is one of the significant improvements that come with the iPhone 5S. A redesigned camera sensor that allows for bigger pixels is what makes it more appealing. The quality of photos will be hugely improved with bigger pixels of the camera. The advancements made with the new iSight camera on the iPhone 5 have taken the mobile camera to a league of its own.

Better Battery Life:

The new iPhone devices have an improved battery life, with its battery capacity increasing to 1560 mAh. Even though it also uses some new and power-hungry technology, the battery in the iPhone 5s is an improvement over the iPhone 5. It claims up to 10 hours’ LTE browsing, 8 hours 3G usage, 10 hours of 3G talk time and Wi-Fi, and video and music playback for 40 hours. The real-life battery usage will also vary accordingly.

New Security Features:

Most of the talk revolving around the new iPhone is that of the new biometric fingerprint scanner, which allow owners to use the handsets variety of features without having to secure it with a passcode. A fingerprint scanner is far more secure than a four-digit PIN will ever be. The system makes it much more difficult for criminals wanting to hack your account, and even tougher for people to hack your social networking. This thereby helps in improving security for enterprise mobility apps.

M7 Co-Processor:

All modern iOS devices include an accelerometer, which can detect the motion of the device. The M7 chip is an always-on low-power chip that processes data from the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope in your iPhone device. This processor is already seeing use from a number of developers of fitness apps, who are anxious to maximize its potential as a new wellness and health platform.


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