VR is only for Gaming, Really?

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VR is only for Gaming, Really?

Many of you will think of games when it comes to VR, I bet. But, VR has moved beyond gaming in the recent times, and we come across various exciting and interesting uses of this virtually real technology. Businesses around the world have started reaping benefits from this revolutionary technology.

Read on to see how virtual reality applications can change our lifestyle:

Let’s start with marketing abilities of VR- I still remember the awesome VR sleigh ride created by the beverage giant Coca-Cola during the previous Christmas. It refreshed the age-old brand with the virtual reality touch. It is one of the most fabulous examples of using VR in marketing.

Highly immersive and impactful VR-based video campaigns can solve all the problems related to engagement and awareness in marketing.
Here are ten uses of VR in marketing videos.

Let’s make a list of the notable sectors, which have started adapting virtual reality technology:

What if a student can enter into the whole new, unexplored, virtual world to know the concepts better? The World of Comenius is a VR app that enables students to learn anatomy concepts through drilling down into the different parts and systems of the human body.
The research scholars of the Japanese Aichi University of Technology are working on a VR simulation to prepare people for any natural disaster similar to Tsunami.

3D Art and painting
Now, the artists can make 3D drawing and paint a reality with the VR software. The VR app is in the development phase, and Oculus Story Studio is working on it for enabling the artists to take digital art to the next level.

Also, Google’s 3D painting app, Tilt Brush, is coming to the HTC Vive VR headset, which means that the artists can explore the endless possibilities through a VR headset.

VR can assist health professionals in treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and alcoholism. VR looks promising in treating depression and relieving pain.
Paraplegics can regain leg functioning through VR and lead to active life. As per the research, out of eight paraplegic patients, four were upgraded from full to partial paraplegics with the help of VR-based exercise.

VR plays a helpful role in relieving the flying tedium, especially during long journeys. XL Airways, a French airline, is about to introduce VR on a trial basis through a technology provider Skylights.

A virtual walk through of a building can enable the architects and designers to find out any issues and design changes before laying the foundation.
Architects, designers, and planners can get ideas from flooring to foundations through simulating the real world with VR. It also helps them understand how quickly one can exit the building during an emergency.

How about planning a vacation using VR headset? VR offers guided tours of any place around you can say. Travelers can check what each destination offers before actually going there thanks to VR.
Also, the hospitality sector can leverage the benefits of VR as the potential guests can explore and experience all the amenities before booking rooms. Thomas Cook has taken help of Samsung Gear VR for showing the virtual presentation of all its locations.

Brick-and-mortar retail store owners can show various design and color patterns for any items using VR technology. Customers can readily test the products before purchasing and retailers can enhance their reputation.
Social shopping, which is expected to rise within the next few years, offers the facility to check any product from the comfort of the home. Retailers can customize the shopping experience for consumers with the help of virtual reality.

Other key sectors that can get benefits of VR technology are automobile, fashion, media, etc. 360-degree news videos can be viewed on a normal screen using VR technology.

Sony has released PS VR recently to ascertain VR as the future of gaming. But, you cannot deny its growing importance in other sectors as well. Though in the nascent stage, VR gains the ground in all the aspects touching our lives.

Let’s embrace VR technology for expanding business and establishing brands irrespective of nature and model of your business.

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