Things beyond General Mobility

By admin Jan 2, 2020, 7:54:45 AM , In Mobile Apps
Things beyond General Mobility

Let’s face it. We are overly dependent on smartphones for our day-to-day activities. Today, more than two billion people have smartphones and as per a survey, the number of smartphone users would be doubled by the year 2017-18.

As the smartphone market is getting mature day by day, the time is ripe to think what the smartphones can offer to make our lives more convenient and comfortable than ever. We live in the post-mobile era, and it is interesting to find out how the technological advancements integrate with smartphones for taking mobile technology to the next level. Read on to know what can come in the way of mobile technology to change our lives in the future:

Financial technology

Mobiles are quickly becoming the most preferred devices for shopping as both the marketers and consumers of India and China also jump on the mobile commerce bandwagon. In the edge of M-Commerce, a mobile device with an Internet becomes a center stage for many financial services including banking. Days are not far when around five billion people will do the financial activities at the same time with their mobile devices.

Artificial intelligence

Virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the most futuristic and sought after technologies. As the Internet has witnessed a paradigm shift from laptops to smartphones, we can certainly expect that AI technology would be successfully implemented in the mobiles once it gets through the laptops and desktops. On the other hand, VR is already integrated into the mobile gaming to give the more realistic gaming experience.

Consumer Technologies

As people are getting more used to smartphones, technology companies and marketers use the mobile platform for promoting their business and brands. We cannot rule out the distinct possibilities of consumer-friendly technologies for the mobile devices. Along with this, we can expect more features in the mobiles at less cost in the future.

An ever-increasing number of smartphone users have opened the doors of endless opportunities in the mobile technology domain. As the smartphones seem irreplaceable, we can certainly hope for the innovations and discoveries related to them in the future. Wait is worthy to find out what the post-mobile era offers.

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