What is Mobile App Development & Why It is Needed?

By Abhishek Amin Mar 5, 2021, 10:02:31 AM , In Mobile Apps
What is Mobile App Development & Why It is Needed?

According to Statista, revenues from mobile applications are subjected to reach US$4,025 million by the end of this year. User penetration will be 11.8% in 2021 and is expected to hit 13.4% by 2024.

From the numbers above, we can only imagine the potential of mobile applications at an industry level. But for those who do not know much about the basics of a mobile application, this article might help!

Know what is Mobile Application Development

The mobile application development process is all about coding or writing a programming software that works on a mobile device, which could be a smartphone, a tablet, or a wearable device that runs on Android, iOS, and others. However, mobile app development is not only about coding a native Android app, a native iOS app, or a hybrid app. There is much more to it. 

Everything starts with a project discovery where the client and the development team collaborates efficiently to know more about the business objectives and goals to better understand the overall purpose and target audience to design a prototype as per the expectations. In other words, mobile app development is also an ecosystem that includes various phases like strategic ideation, defining, designing, building, and launching a successful mobile product. Everything starts with a project discovery process.

Why Businesses Need to Develop a Mobile App? 

Following are the reasons why mobile application development might be one thing you’d thank to, for several reasons:

A. Mobile App Potential through Numbers

See what various sources I referred to, report!

  • An average mobile app user in the United States has over 100 apps installed on their device, App Annie reports.
  • A typical mobile user will check their smartphone 63 times a day, suggests Bank My Cell.
  • Bank My Cell also reports that 87% of users check their phone at least one hour before sleep. Out of those, 69% of users will check their phone at least five minutes before sleep.
  • According to a Leanplum report, 79% of users will abandon a digital product after only one day of use.
  • A reputed measurement and analytics company ComScore reports that mobile apps of today account for more than 57% of all digital media usage.
  • By 2021, almost 7 billion people worldwide will be using mobile devices, Statista reports.
  • By 2022, the number of mobile app downloads or year will reach 258 million from 168 million in 2017. By the same year, the app store consumer spending will increase by 92% to reach a smashing $157 billion all over the world.

B. A Potential Problem Solver

The numbers above speak volumes with clarity considering the current and predicted market over the next decade. It is a harsh reality that all the mobile apps that are being developed do not succeed. This is the reason the idea of developing a mobile app must be tied to a long-term goal. If your goal is to solve an ongoing problem, make sure that the mobile app solution you develop serves to the fullest.

Thinking from the end-users point of view, they will be more than willing to interact with you, buy your products and book your services via a mobile platform, or involved in a business with you. The overall idea is to deliver a platform that makes it easy for every customer to perform actions on-the-go with speed and efficiency. 

C. Platform to Entertain

A full spectrum of mobile gaming apps, online media, and content apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar, etc. are the best examples. A strategic mobile app design and development along with app monetization help to excel the mobile app on a global scale. With the fact that a lot of users are accessing the entertainment apps these days during their busy schedules. 

OTT apps, social media apps, video sharing apps, or a global platform to showcase your talent like TikTok, explore, find, and, learn from the artists to target the audience of any category. And such apps are the most trending applications over a couple of years.

D. Value Addition to People’s Necessities

The best case for a mobile app would be to give what users want, instantly and at all times. The real value of developing a mobile app could be seen by the daily usage of it. Hence, if you are thinking to develop a mobile app that serves the daily necessities of people, just give it a go. 

There can be a lot of app ideas where individuals or enterprises are looking for apps that provide a streamlined solution to manage their appointments. Apps like Skype, Zoom, etc. can be also thought of while discussing this which provides features to instantly communicate with individuals, teams via voice and video conferencing with a range of features. A grocery app or an Ecommerce app is another domain that could add value to the business as well as customers to order and buy the items they wish for.

Need to Develop a Custom Mobile Application?

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