Why choose Flutter SDK for your next Mobile App Development project?

By Abhishek Amin Dec 25, 2020, 12:36:24 PM , In Mobile Apps
Why choose Flutter SDK for your next Mobile App Development project?

Hello mates!! You take any top software development company and may wonder why all of them are going berserk about the Flutter SDK, when it comes to developing a mobile app. Yes, it’s true. Flutter is a power-packed open-source software development kit (SDK) developed by none other than Google in 2017, and is used to develop a range of mobile applications for platforms like Android, iOS, Mach, Linux, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and even the web using a single codebase.

Sounds interesting? Yes indeed. It is a technology that is used to build high quality interfaces using native Android and native iOS platforms, all in a record time. Not only the speed to develop mobile apps is there to take! Along with its versatility to develop cross platform apps and native apps, Flutter SDK provides reliable assistance to the developers community and complements the existing development systems and devices.

It is such the popularity and usefulness of Flutter SDK that major brands like Google Ads, Alibaba, Hamilton Music, Tencent, etc. have used Flutter to offer their services through Android and iOS mobile applications.

So what’s in it that makes Flutter so damn popular among the mobile app development services providers? Let us find out in this article.

What makes Flutter the #1 choice of mobile app developers?

Flutter is Highly Productive

Since it uses a single codebase, the mobile application can be developed for using the same code for Android and iOS platforms. Dart is the language that is used in Flutter SDK and it is relatively easy to understand for the mobile application developers. Another important benefit of Flutter for mobile app developers is Hot Reload, as it helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs. Hot reload feature will run your application in milliseconds.

Builds Expressive and Flexible Interfaces

Flutter is popular for its assistance to mobile app developers. It is loaded with an in-built widget collection that offers expressive UI support. This is applied for both Android and iOS platforms. There is no available graphical UI representor to create UI, you have to create UI using code and it is very flexible.

Build Cost-effective MVPs in RECORD Time

Flutter complements the existing systems and devices, along with the fact that it uses a single codebase that works for cross platforms app perfectly. Operating with both iOS and Android will become simpler, and the developed app can be used by both devices for both apprentices.

In fact, it has access to the native device feature to help build a pixel-perfect app. The cross-platform application development support offered by Flutter offers minimal time and money for access to the digital environment.

Fast Iteration Process for Faster Delivery

Flutter developers can use this software development kit to randomly see the changes made to the software application. All of these changes are seen immediately how they would reflect over the actual mobile application screen. Apparently, this feature speeds up the change process while keeping it much simpler. With Flutter, the mobile app developers will usually require only seconds/minutes to add functionality, fix bugs, and innovate quicker. You know why? Because they do not have to code for creating a fresh new build every time.

Compatibility with the Power of PWA

All thanks to the Flutter, the apps which are developed can be packed into the PWA (Progressive Web App) version. What’s the benefit? Well, this empowers an existence of a fully functional interface that connects the application to the widest possible spectrum of gadgets in the market. Think about the usability of the application that works across all the devices. Isn’t that cool?

Faster Development, Faster Release

If you know Flutter, you might know this too that it is integrated with Firebase as a back-end service that does not need a server side programming. This itself results in speeding up the coding process. Features such as Analytics, Authentication, cloud functions, crash reporting, hosting, cloud storage, real-time database, and more are packed with it. This feature-packed integrated tools enable us to build powerful, secure, versatile, scalable apps of all sizes and variants. Due to this, the resource team can save time spent in building the back-end infrastructure, in other words, it could be a serverless application that could be released much quicker.

Final Words

Due to its increasing popularity over the last 3 years and performance, Flutter can be considered as a real contender to React Native app development. Considering the look of the technology SDK, execution process, and user interface sections, Flutter is going to have an upper hand in the near future. 

So why wait? It’s the perfect time for you to make the call! Contact to hire the best Flutter developers for your unique mobile application!

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