Why Choose Ionic for Mobile App Development?

By Abhishek Amin Feb 24, 2021, 9:34:01 AM , In Mobile Apps
Why Choose Ionic for Mobile App Development?

Developers love Ionic, a complete and open-source software development kit (SDK) used widely to build hybrid or cross-platform mobile apps that run on all the platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows. Even in today’s disruptive market, Ionic continues its market share as far as the mobile app development is concerned for small businesses and enterprises mobile apps.

The current trend of mobile application development, which has emerged over the last decade, has resulted in multiple technology frameworks and technologies to select from while going to develop a mobile app. It is a selection dilemma, which is nothing like a blessing in disguise. One has to be knowing all the pros and cons of selecting a technology set by considering the purpose, robustness, and scalability of the mobile app. 

In this article, we will see what is Ionic and why developers should choose Ionic to develop the next cross-platform mobile application.

What is Ionic App Development?

Well, it is an open-source SDK that uses a mix of multiple technologies for coding such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The effectiveness of Ionic app development is such that this technology has streamlined the process of developing a cross-platform mobile app while delivering that native look and feel in a short time.

Boasting the power of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and over a hundred extensible and well-designed components, Ionic speeds up the development of a functional app. The integration of Ionic with other frameworks and libraries is seamless and it similarly can work alone as the only framework used for developing a cross-platform mobile app. Let us have a review for good reasons to select Ionic.

Benefits of Ionic for Hybrid App Development

100% Open-source, Free, and Stable

It is the harsh reality in the mobile app development market that the open-source framework you select matters a lot. Why? Because many times it happens that one may select an open-source platform that is unstable and is vulnerable to break down in the future. Thank god, that is just not the case with Ionic. It is fast, stable, trustworthy, and powerful to let the Ionic developers develop applications that are close to the native apps. Moreover, it is similar to design a website page that works within an app-like shell.

Cross-platform App Advantage

It is a proven fact that the main two mobile OS platforms, Android and iOS, are covering 98% of the mobile market. What could be better than going for a cross-platform app development that allows businesses to target the maximum users with the help of a versatile framework like Ionic? With the proven fact in terms of reliability and consistency, Ionic is definitely a preferred choice of the hybrid app developers.

Single & Sharable Codebase Saves Time & Resources

Hybrid app development with Ionic allows you to write and develop a code that can be used for multiple OS. This means that instead of writing and developing a new code to develop a mobile app for a new platform, the already generated code can be reused for every new platform. That makes it affordable as it saves money for the need on hiring multiple resources. It also saves time by eliminating the need of writing a new code and developing it every time for a new platform. One codebase developed in Ionic for multiple platforms can help in bringing down the development efforts by 50 to 80%.

Easy and Seamless Integration

For those who do not know, Ionic has seamless compatibility and integration with some of the most popular JavaScript-based frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. It also makes a perfect match with the Cordova library. The Cordova plugins can be used in the Ionic framework to add state-of-the-art features and functionalities to deliver a native-like performance to enhance the overall UX. Features such as the battery, camera access, geolocation, logs access, etc. are incorporated with this plugin. AngularJS integration helps in incorporating application structure to build highly interactive business mobile apps.

Mobile App UI Design Enhancements

Before Ionic emerged, hybrid mobile apps were widely criticized for not being appealing because of an ugly UI. However, Ionic has brought this much needed game-changing factor to it. With the use of JavaScript and CSS, developers can actually work as designers and perform high-level customizations for buttons, menus, colors, schemes, language, typography, text alignments, depth, motion, etc. to foster material design for delivering interactive yet appealing UI interfaces for the mobile applications.

Large Community Always Looking to Help

Mobile app development is a tough job nevertheless, as the developers are always dependent on the framework and the technologies associated with it. There can be always a possibility of facing issues while developing a mobile app. This is where the developers’ support community matters. Developers can post the issues and get answers from the community to move forward. Ionic developers’ community happens to be an enthusiastic group of members who are always looking to provide support, updates, and more about the framework and integration methodologies. Everything in this ecosystem makes the development process easier.

Final Say…

Ionic is here to stay. As it is backed by the venture that has raised over US$18 million, there are no concerns or questions over its long-term applicability in the mobile app development domain. Boasting a never-ending list of customers, who are Fortune 1000 companies, it is fair to say that Ionic is an enterprise-ready framework. 

Looking for the Right Ionic App Development Company?

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