Why you should consider developing android apps first?

By Rania Jul 12, 2021, 6:15:50 AM , In Mobile Apps
Why you should consider developing android apps first?

Although the world came up with multiple operating systems powering our mobile devices two are holding almost 99% of the mobile app market: iOS 27% and android 72%+.

Developing an iOS app, an Android app or a cross-platform app has a price tag that might not bother big companies as much as less wealthy entrepreneurs but it is sure worth the deep overthinking. 

When it is not possible to opt for simultaneous development due to lack of resources it is so important to reasonably make that one critical decision of which platform should be targeted first? 

This article is about why our experts believe that you should consider developing apps for Android devices first!

Before we dig into technical details if you are looking for mobile app development services but confused about whether the “android first” applies to your business or not our free discovery workshop is perfect for you to make the right decisions with expert advice.

Android market share is a good quickstart for your numbers 

The Android market share leads with a significant margin over other operating systems as there are over 1.6 billion android users.

In addition, Google easier restrictions when it comes to publishing apps to its Play Store which helps with gathering data such as early user response and usage patterns and also identify failures. Also, UI/ UX design for Android is beneficial as there are more operating system features to take advantage of so it is recommended especially for gaming apps to opt for android development to reach the general public.

Android  adapt to different devices

Android allows you to provide different resources for different devices. You can create different layouts for different screen sizes. The system determines which layout to use based on the screen size of the current device.

High Profitability

Unlike the common thinking that iOS bring higher profits. In most app categories, Android apps are highly profitable for initial app purchases and for in-app purchases and with displayable google 

Fewer limitations for developers

To develop iOS apps, a developer must use a Mac only. However, Android app development can be done on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, to register as a developer on the Apple App Store requires a yearly fee of $99, whereas to register as a developer on the Google Play Store requires a one-time payment of only $25. 

Google store features 

User access for a newly published app is granted within few hours on the google store while it takes weeks on the App Store. Google apps can be updated multiple times a day in response to user complaints while it is a harder process with iOS apps. Another excellent feature of the Play Store is the ability to release an app as alpha and/or beta releases, which would be available only to members of a selected group of testers in order to generate necessary feedbacks.


Java is a proven and powerful programming language commonly used by most operating systems including Windows, Linux. Developing for iOS, on the other hand, requires Objective C or Swift that are only used for Apple-centric development 

Rich android studio 

Android Studio has  Some key features including

  •  Gradle-based build system
  •  Live-layout WYSIWYG Editor with real-time app layout rendering
  •  Option to preview a layout on multiple screen configurations while editing
  • etc 

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