Cheap Cellphone Battery—A Ticking Time Bomb in Your Pocket

By admin Jun 24, 2013, 12:11:32 PM , In News & Video

Owing to the increasing purchase of mobile phones, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer advised people that buying cheap and poorly build cellphone battery can cost a life. According to him, poorly manufactured battery can overheat your cell-phone and can turn it into an explosive time bomb in your pocket. People, who have less brain than money, buy such batteries. Schumer stressed that people purchase battery at low-price and replace it with the original one, but they fail to understand the fact that battery can be counterfeit. He said there have been more than 50 reported instances of explosion, catching fire and smoke detection from cell-phone batteries. He also commanded Consumer Product Safety Commission to evaluate the detail scope of many such problems.

Cheap cellphones -the live bombs

Cheap cellphones -the live bombs

The Consumer advocates are now busy looking for better solution to such problems. They are now more focused to search for better safety standards. Moreover, the Consumer Union is all set to do the better job in making everything safe that is sold in a discount on retail or online stores. They will make sure that all the discount and low-priced batteries meets those standards and are safe for people to use.

There have been many publicized cases, like an eighth grader was burned when the cell-phone in his pocket exploded. Also, a man from Texas injured his ear with a similar accident. A technician Jake Earp explained that when lithium battery gets over-charged the possibilities of it getting swell increases. Hence, the chances of explosion enhance. It is because when the battery tries to expand, it pushes the motherboard out of the phone and breaks the back.

Such instances occur with people that cannot afford the original product and then buy the cheaper one. Schumer added that a lot of exploding battery is due to fake imports from China, and advice people before buying check the label and brand twice. Expert advices to stay away from off-brand products, and said if users encounter over-heated battery, turn-off the phone immediately. The best way to avoid such accidents is to buy batteries from trusted manufacturer. Also, users should keep their cellphone away from excessive heat and water.