Enterprise Mobility – Main Agenda of 2013 Toronto CIO Executive Leadership

By admin May 18, 2013, 10:35:48 AM , In News & Video
Toronto CIO Executive Leadership -2013

Toronto CIO Executive Leadership -2013

As mobility keeps growing with rapid accelerating pace, it puts CIOs under pressure as it demands delivery of innovation and transformation to their enterprises. Supporting business expansion with enterprise mobility has become top priority for IT executive leaders and CIOs, and this is going to be the main agenda of the 2013 Toronto CIO Executive Leadership Summit.

The summit will be held by HMG Strategy, which is a leading provider of IT management and leadership and technology support. There will be several keynote speakers in the summit, the most prominent one being Don Tapscott who has spoken at events like TED. He is one of the world’s leading authorities for media and social and economic impact of technology.

The president and CEO of HMG Strategy, Hunter Muller described the summit’s purpose emphasizing that in today’s global economy, mobility could be an incredible growth factor, and a CIO is the right person to guide the mobile strategy and execution. Hunter also praised Tapscott saying that he possesses a unique understanding of the factors that drive global economic change and can provide profound insights to organizations to embrace the digital technology to have unprecedented business value.

Senior IT executives, qualified CIOs and business leaders have been invited to attend the summit. The registration can be done on the official website of HMG Strategy. Besides Tapscott, other keynote speakers would include Sumit Dhawan, the Group VP & General Manager of Citrix Systems, and Gia Lyons, Director of Product Marketing of Jive Software. However, the list of keynote speakers is long and includes other prominent executives as well.