HTC Falls Below Expectations

By admin Jul 5, 2013, 11:52:47 AM , In News & Video

HTC has come under the scanner with its unaudited results released  for the second quarter of 2013, and the numbers aren’t pretty. Despite the launch of the lavishing new HTC One, the company made a mere $41 million. The same time last year, the company saw revenues of $3 billion.

HTC One falling short

HTC One falling short

Analysts, however, predicted a much stronger performance from the Taiwanese company, especially after the sale of over 5 million HTC ones in just 50 days. The month of May saw a lot of success for the company, but the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 in June overshadowed the hype surrounding the HTC phone. Even though the S4 entered the market after the HTC One, the former had a much larger marketing budget.

This is not a good sign for the company, which hoped to keep the money flowing with their flashy new HTC One. They are lagging far behind on the competitive forefront with fierce competition in the market. HTC slumped down to the ninth in the global smartphone market during the first quarter of the year, as stated by Bloomberg Industries.

With a recent fall in the global rankings, the company plans to imply new marketing strategies and executive changes. With these changes, they are looking forward to a turnaround and bring back the Taiwanese company into the competitive market.

The main focus now is to see what the company plans next. With strong competition from Samsung and Apple, HTC has announced a smaller and more affordable version of the HTC One- The HTC Mini. Trying to turn around the company business with one smartphone is huge ask. Even though analysts don’t predict a very bright future for HTC, they would be hoping or some sort of miracle.