Leaked News: Here Are The Specifications of LG's Forthcoming Nexus Phone!

By admin Oct 17, 2012, 6:05:36 AM , In News & Video

The mobile technology is as mobile as the technology itself, and every now and then, you can get rumors and leaked news about one or the other thing. So, here is another one that just leaked on the net recently, and this time it’s about Google’s upcoming Nexus phone. The details of LG’s forthcoming Nexus was revealed by MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien.

Google Nexus by LG -leaked news

Google Nexus by LG -leaked news

According to the information discovered by O’Brien, LG would be coming up with Google’s next Nexus smartphone that would be launched in November. This one boasts about some impressive features that include a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1280×768 True-HD IPS display and a 2 GB RAM along with an 8 MP camera. In addition, the LG Nexus phone would also have wireless charging, which is similar to Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows phone. 

The upcoming Google’s Nexus also houses a non-removable battery and on screen soft keys. This one would be based on the Optimus G, though O’Brien mentions that it doesn’t look like one and would run on the updated Android release 4.2. Well, all that looks quite impressive, but the surprising element is it won’t feature microSD slot and would be available in either 8 GB version or 16 GB version. 

Joining the rumors is another wide speculation according to which Google is all set to release more Nexus devices this fall. So far, the news rings that HTC, Sony and Samsung are expected to join LG in manufacturing more smartphones in the unique Nexus line. However, all the rumors can be confirmed only at mid-November, during the launch, which means that there’s still time for lots of updates to emerge.