What's Happening in WWDC 2015? New Features, iOS 9 and Many More

By admin May 25, 2015, 6:54:17 AM , In iPhone / iPad / iPod , News & Video

As it happens year after year, all eyes are on WWDC now. The annual mega event of Apple brings a lot of curiosities not only among developers, but also the users. After all, there is something new to come up that might be the next milestone in the world of technology. Apple has proved it every time in its event. However, the WWDC 2015 could be an exception as no major announcements are to be done (we don’t know whether or not it’s a rumor). Apple is likely to concentrate on its ‘existing’ stuff and its improvement in terms of security, performance and stability. In other words, Apple’d rather make its present things more robust, dynamic and powerful.



But yes, there’s an iOS 9. It is not a new thing anymore that the new baby will be compatible with old daddies! (yeah! iOS9 is likely to support the former Apple gadgets), but there are supposed to be stunning features housed in iOS 9. As we eavesdropped outside the window of Apple’s internal meeting (lol), multi-window support, an all-new ‘Home’ app, and Apple’s new fonts making their debut are a few of some gossips to enjoy.

Another tidbit we learned is something called Control Center, the said-to-be biggest addition to OS X 10.11. This already exists in iOS, but then, for the desktops, it may pop up from the left side. Not to mention that feature controls for AirPlay, music and many more will keep enticing users.

A little bird also told us that Rootless, what Apple employees label it as a ‘huge’ thing, is said to be the attraction of the annual event. The major focus is on security, and it is said that Rootless is so robust (or stubborn?), that it may not allow even the users at admin level to access protected files on Apple gadgets. Truly, if this happens to be true, Jailbreakers, you have sleepless nights to come.