Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

By Abhishek Amin Jan 20, 2021, 1:05:38 PM , In Offshore Development
Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated development team is a phrase that is not new in the world of software development. However, despite being an old term and a domain altogether, it is equally underrated most of the times when people do not understand the importance of when and why to opt for dedicated developers hiring.

Also known as the ‘Hire Model’ approach, it is all about finding and selecting resources to form your own team to make them work over your software development project idea to design, develop, launch, and maintain. You can hire from a single developer to a dedicated team on a full time, part time or hourly basis.

Why Dedicated Team Hiring is the Key?

Outsourcing the mobile app or a website development work, especially for a non-technical organisation seems like a risk at first. The business owners are absolutely right to think first before putting their trust in the market as there are numerous software companies out there. See what IBM study shows:

  • Fuzzy business objectives, out-of-sync stakeholders, and excessive rework mean that 75% of project participants lack confidence that their projects will succeed.
  • Only 2.5% companies deliver 100% projects they get on board.
  • 57% projects remain undelivered or face breakdown in the contract due to lack of communication.
  • Only 40% projects meet milestones, budget, and quality expectations.

This vagueness and failure rate can be avoided if the project owners have the complete control and transparency over a hired dedicated software development team. Hence, it is quite important for the owners to decide the right software development company and a hiring model to make the developers work onsite or offsite over a software application development, whether it is website development or a mobile app development.

Small and mid-range software development project owners may also prefer freelancers instead of the right software companies. However, it’s always like playing with the fire due to limitations that surface while dealing with software projects that require special skills, attention, management, ability to implement and launch.

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Select & Form Team of Your Choice

From the selected pool of the best resources for your project, you get to select the best candidates through a vetted process of screening and interviews. Preview the resumes of all the candidates to overview the skills and experience that should match your project requirements. 

Painless Project Management

It is always important about selecting and getting the right people on board. The resources are the ones which can actually save you even if you miss a thing or two. Hiring right people is exactly what management is all about, isn’t it? If you decide to hire a project manager along with a team of software programmers, you are creating a painless project management model for yourself which offers flexibility for you to focus on other business areas, transparency, and security.

Complete Power & Control with You

Hiring a dedicated software development team allows you to manage the resources your way with 100% control. Whether you have hired them onsite or as a remote team, you will have complete transparency over their work through Project management tools and regular calls/ reporting. You can be a liaison between the hired developers and your internal team to smoothen the things.

Greater Flexibility to Scale Up/Down

You can do this on your own or your team lead can handle too. Hire model provides a greater flexibility to you in terms of scale up or scale down the dedicated team based upon the ongoing requirements and change of needs. A notice is the only thing that needs to be given in advance to fulfil your wish from the next billing cycle, it means the next month. This will help you in having flexibility and adaptability so that you can work more efficiently to reach your ultimate goal.

Desired Project Results

This is where freelancers fail and a hired dedicated dev team emerges successfully. A lot of domains in the overall software development process have ongoing problems that need to be resolved on time. If not handled in a timely manner, this costs delays in project execution. One gruelling aspect is inconsistency in the UI/UX design. 

Freelancers will not take the overall project responsibility as they are reluctant to work for someone else’s mistake. Whereas, the hired dedicated team is committed to seeing your project through to completion ever since you bring the team onboard. 

Enhanced Speed, Stability, and Productivity

Your decision to hire dedicated developers matters the most here, in terms of speed to launch the software into the market. The developers will have experience to work under competitive pressure of the market, and will have experience to understand your business goals. This helps in lesser or null iterations at the end of the software testing phase. Their approach from the start is task based with confirmed deadlines which offers better monitoring and productivity with uncompromised product quality.

Why Hire Dedicated Teams from IndiaNIC?

By now you may have noticed that hiring the right people for your website development or a mobile development project is the most crucial aspect. Being a top software development company, IndiaNIC offers 100% integrity to the clients with guaranteed project deliveries and satisfaction. Following are some of our value propositions.

  • Helping clients with software outsourcing requirements for 20+ years.
  • We mean when we say “100% dedicated team members”. This means no sharing of work with other projects and clients.
  • Over 50 experts with 10 years of experience drive your project with unmatched quality.
  • Upon your request, we also provide references or reviews of clients who engaged with us on dedicated development projects, to instill the essence of trust.

Are you looking to create your own dev team for a software project? Contact the team of experts now to know more and clear your doubts.

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