Does Offshore Company's Infrastructure Matter When You Outsource IT Project?

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Does Offshore Company's Infrastructure Matter When You Outsource IT Project?

Yes it does! Whenever you outsource a project, you always aspire that the offshore company should entail the basic facilities and services required for your project execution. You always want to be sure about company’s project handling and execution in order to avoid any uncertainties. And, for this it is highly prerequisite for you to check offshore company’s infrastructure, which include the services, working force, facilities and process of any project execution. 

A company with good infrastructure

A company with good infrastructure

You should be aware of whether or not the company is efficient enough to render quality and at the same time quantity services to you. Check out for the workforce and working environment are encouraging as they make your project a smashing success. 

Moreover, in the initial phase of outsourcing, you should seek for whether the representatives of the offshore company are well versed with technology or are just there to do business. Here are some imperative points that will assist you in deciding which company is ideal and perfect in terms of infrastructure for your project. 

Tips for Judging the Best Offshore Company In Terms Of Infrastructure 


The offshore company should be convincing and promising in rendering your project with their best workforce and technology. Company must be ISO certified, well recognized and trustworthy. In addition to this, follow below mentioned tips.  

  • Must be reliable in providing you with a set of different skills
  • Go through company’s website & check out for the software certificates
  • Check out their dedication for in-door projects
  • Whether they equally enthusiastic in making their own quality products
  • Avoid companies that speaks about business and only business

Technology tools

An ideal offshore company must have good technology infrastructure that entails good website, anti-virus software, wireless equipment, and a veritable back-up system for files. The technology tools will help your project get accomplished in a much efficient and profitable manner. 

  • Visit the offshore and investigate whether or not company is familiar with latest gadgets and technology trends
  • Observe and ask for company’s software backup, monitoring and communication systems
  • Go for a company that not only uses the latest gadgets but also know the technology and bug fixing  

Service excellence/Project development

An offshore company is known by its quality work and its clients’ satisfaction. Hence, while choosing an offshore company, check for the whereabouts. 

  • Check their past work and identify their quality
  • Look out for their client’s work in past
  • Whether or not the offshore company is consistent in rendering superior quality product
  • Look for the project development processes, are they reliable 

Security and Networking

The offshore company should have back up plans for any software flaw and hardware meltdown. Whether it is data loss or software issue, the company should be able to serve the necessary aid in required time. Check out for these facilities mentioned below.

  • Reliable networking among the workforce
  • Phone lines routing to various departments and advanced voice mail facility
  • Must have CCTV cameras for monitoring the entire workflow of the company 
  • Secured server room preferably with passoword protected entry


Whenever it comes to resources, the company that entails latest multitudes of services has to be your choice. An offshore company should be successfully engaged in rendering scalable services to small and large enterprise.

  • Must have proficient and skilled developers-programmers for delivering such services
  • There must be a well-maintained team and departments for the accomplishment of in-door as well as out-door projects
  • They must understand your business objectives and must come up with one-in-all solution
  • If needed, offshore companies should have resources to provide you business and technology consultancy

Working in all domains

The company often convinces you that they are one of the experts in the industry or so. But, you can judge their capabilities by gauging their circumference area of providing services. 

  • Avoid companies that have a very constrained province for delivering services
  • Go for the companies that provide back-to-back web as well as mobile technology services
  • Offshore firm must have exposure to multiple domains
  • The company must focus on both technical qualities and prompt services. 

Moreover, the company must have a quick start up facilities so that to handle and execute outsourced projects on time. The working force should be fast and quick in responding to your project’s need in order to finish the task in time with minimum hassles.

In addition, the offshore company must have equal approach to performance, time and cost of the project without compromising any of them. There should be enthusiastic and presentable programmers and managers that can accomplish the project with maximum efficacy and uniformity.

Hence, the infrastructure of the offshore company does matters, and you should be aware of these points when you outsource software project.


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