Hire PHP Programmer from India to recieve outsourcing benfiits

By admin Sep 22, 2010, 9:31:16 AM , In Offshore Development

Outsourcing has proved to be the most successful tool to get success in the business. Outsourcing provides stability and continuous growth of your business in this competitive market. Outsourcing is great for supplying low cost products with best consumer services.

In India, offshore outsourcing has got tremendous popular management strategy in the current market. It offers long term value addition apart from cost saving facilities. There is no substitute for outsourcing as far as quality and excellence is concerned. There is a prevalent practice to hire a PHP programmer from India in international market places. International companies hire PHP programmers from outsourcing companies and successfully avoid many headaches.

In India there is a low cost environment for a PHP programmer due to currency difference and living standard differences. Therefore, companies in developed countries tend to hire offshore PHP programmers instead of local hiring. Besides this local hiring cause many problems like recruitment process, maintenance, promotions, incentives and other expenditure to deal with. You have to deal with labor laws and taxes of the country.

While you hire a PHP developer India from an offshore company then you have to pay only service charges, nothing else. Offshore hiring is easy and comfortable for your business. Outsourcing companies provide all facilities to keep you constantly in contact with your hired developers. They use all means of communication, for instance emails, instant messengers, live chats, international calling system, etc. You can get instant feed back from your PHP programmer and establish a solid link with your developer.

They allocate a project manager who manages the project and lessen your technical burden so you need not to worry about the technical side of the project. They also allocate a team manager in case you hire a team means more than one developer. This team manager manages team on behalf of you and frees you for other important tasks.

Hire a PHP programmer India at flexible hiring packages. There are various hiring packages like full time hiring means 8 hours a day hiring, part time hiring means 4 hours a day hiring package and hourly hiring means you can hire as per your wish. There is no minimum hours defined for hourly hiring. Your hired PHP programmer will exclusively work for you and will finish your project within given time line.

Offshore companies have the best breed of PHP developers. They are proficient and expert in their domain. They are proficient in PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Zend and templating system like smarty, etc.

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