How to get hired in a pandemic?

By Rania Feb 5, 2021, 10:48:09 AM , In Offshore Development
How to get hired in a pandemic?

Are you currently looking for a job in the IT field? Did you lose a position because of the pandemic? or are you voluntarily giving yourself the favor of looking for better opportunities? you need to read this blog!

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COVID-19 has been a huge weight on the global economy, impacting all kinds of industries and pushing the most powerful companies to make painful strategic decisions like reducing their workforce! Corona, one of the most challenging times in modern history, caused 195 million job losses around the globe and deadly competition in the labor market!

As if finding a job not long before corona wasn’t hard enough right? well, don’t worry! Here are the tips that will guarantee you finding a job in the IT field ASAP!

Be optimistic the IT industry will never stop hiring!

Unlike most industries, the IT industry didn’t suffer much from the pandemic with the raised awareness of the need for technologies that led to increasing the demand to develop digital solutions. so Smile! Covid 19 didn’t stop software development companies from expanding their teams, opening positions, hiring in the middle of a crisis, and even finding new efficient ways to recruit that can both ensure figuring out how to hire good fit candidates and providing them with the necessary incubation and welcoming experience for a successful joining!

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Customize your resume according to the job description 

Let me guess. When you decided to apply for a job the first thing you did is creating one resume that looks appealing to you and used it everywhere you find an opportunity.  Resumes are not one-size-fits-all!   To make your CV stand out from the crowd it needs to be personalized according to the unique job description you are applying for. By matching the same exact technical words, highlighting the required experience, and showcasing your unique Soft skills like communication skills, and ability to be a team player and  punctuality 

Rock your virtual interview 

NO interviews in suits and ties, NO sweaty handshakes, NO office tours, NO weird incubation phase, and NO embarrassing moments! Every candidate’s dream!

But, keep in mind that virtual interviews are even more challenging and nerve-wracking than real face-to-face ones but a well-executed video interview presents an excellent alternative to meeting the employer in person. The recruiter must distinguish a right candidate with both the right technical and non-technical skills over video call only. Most new recruits will start their experience working from home which adds an extra challenge to pick a candidate that can handle the situation productively and earn his place among his teammates. Expect a twist in the traditional interview questions as the pandemic situation required drastic changes in typical hiring processes. We suggest getting ready for open-end questions that would target:

  • Your stress management capacities
  • Financial stability and urgency to commit to a job
  • Current daily routine  and life discipline
  • Your state of mind
  • how self-directed are you as a person
  • Your adaptability level
  • Your level of expertise in different situations 
  • How well capable are you of applying your technical skills to work without much support
  • And other helpful qualities that serve the company well in a work from home situation

Our advice is to Be overly prepared: 

  •  Be confident
  • Prepare well for your interview
  • Check your internet speed  to not slow down the process
  • Test out your framing, audio, and background
  • Dress up well, don’t keep half  bottom pyjamas (you would never know if you will need to stand up!) 
  • Make sure you sit in a space where you won’t get disturbed  by noises, kids, or pets
  • Smile and highlight as much as you can your technical and non-technical skills and show your willingness to contribute to the team!

Clarify the reason why you are  applying for that position   

Expect the question about your previous job so you need to be transparent about your current situation. There is no shame in saying that you need the job because your previous company did shut down during a pandemic or admitting that you are working for another company but there is a high risk you would lose your job. Be transparent about your current job situation because everyone is aware of the covid-19 effect. You Can use what you say for your own benefit, don’t get emotional, and be confident.

 Don’t be scared to negotiate, it is your right!

Looking for a job in a pandemic situation never means that you should accept whatever is offered to you, work under wage, or be used by the employer!

Don’t exaggerate in your demands to not lose the chance but feel confident to negotiate as it is your right as an employee. Make sure you get a decent well deserved remuneration and a reasonable contact on good expected terms.

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