.Net Project Development – Benefits and Things to Consider Before Outsourcing

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.Net Project Development – Benefits and Things to Consider Before Outsourcing

.Net Project Development

The emerging technologies offer a plethora of options for development of applications. Different frameworks are available that fosters development of robust, scalable and flexible applications. As technology continues to emerge rapidly, it is presenting a wealth of opportunities for businesses, but it is also leaving many businesses in a conundrum about using frameworks that ensure good ROI. To address this dilemma, project development using .Net framework turns out to be a perfect option.

.Net is a software framework developed by Microsoft. It has an easy, comprehensive and uniformly structured programming model that allows development of easy and complex applications. It has a flexible and robust platform that allows the creation of windows desktop and web applications. It includes several technologies that include (UDDI, WDSL, OOP, ASP, SOAP, XML) and programming languages (C++, VB, C#, J#). In addition, it also has a complied code’s portability between different computer running windows. The code can be reused irrespective of the programming language in use. There are numerous benefits of using this framework.

  • Quick development process
  • Access to versatile and dynamic .NET library
  • Applications developed are secure and reliable
  • Hassle free development process
  • Availability of expert developers

The possibilities are endless with .Net project development. It is capable of fulfilling development needs such as –

  • eCommerce web development
  • Web based applications
  • Custom.Net applications
  • Portal development
  • Intranet and Extranet solutions
  • Mobile application development

In order to leverage the benefits of .NET framework, you can hire expert developers or outsource projects to an offshore company. But before you outsource, evaluate the development companies. Consider the below mentioned business prospects to partner a legitimate firm –

Business maturity
Whenever approaching a development firm consider studying its website to check out the number of years in the service industry. Evaluate on the basis of available resources, number of employees, development methodologies, communication, transparency and company reviews (if any) on the internet. Do not get driven by the cost factor. Outsourcing is largely driven by significant cost reduction, but minimizing cost should not hamper the quality of your project.

Check out the total experience of the company in handling .NET projects. Experience would garner good ROI and exceed your project development expectations. Experience also reflects the capability of the service provider. Moreover, if the company is offering hiring schemes, then consider individual developer’s experience. Considering experience initially would save you from the hassles during the development process.

Outsourcing firms are renowned for their expertise across different frameworks and technology. You need to consider the expertise that complies with your project need. .Net frameworks can be learnt quickly by developers, but only an expert can give the desired output. So, it is critical to consider expertise level of the development team. An expert hand will have the potential to prepare a roadmap and implement the methodology that fulfills .Net project development needs in a timely manner.

Infrastructure of the offshore companies plays a vital role in the overall success of your project. It includes the availability of resources, communication means, well-equipped workplace and experts to tackle business operations. Outsourcing mainly banks upon effective and transparent communication channels. So, it becomes critical to evaluate the company’s infrastructure to avoid uncertainties during the project development process.

Since, you have decided to outsource your .Net projects, ensure that the offshore company is certified with different recognitions. An established offshore IT solutions providing firm can be easily located on the internet. The best way to check the legitimacy of the company, you can consider their testimonial, case studies and success stories. Check out brands that trusted the company. If different brands across the globe have recognized the company to be trustworthy, you can be rest assured about the quality for your .Net project.

Relying on .Net for developing different applications is a first step towards successful development, and partnering experts would fortify your development needs. So, you can get high-end applications developed with .Net for different sectors and purposes. You can harness benefits of this framework by outsourcing to garner good ROI.

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