Three Signs saying You should Outsource Mobile App Development

By admin Apr 20, 2017, 6:20:43 PM , In Offshore Development
Three Signs saying You should Outsource Mobile App Development

As a trusted outsourcing partner for many clients ranging from startups to large enterprises globally, we are fortunate to work across various industry sectors while delivering customized mobile app solutions. It is an undeniable fact that custom enterprise mobile app development is a collaborative process between the enterprise and the developer that ends in an amazing application. Such an application can be useful to stay ahead of the curve in the mobile-driven world. But, as an entrepreneur, if you’ve ever tried to develop a tailored app, you may find the process too complicated to handle. It’s very possible that you may end up in a mess while focusing on the tiny details.

Here we show three red flags signaling it’s time to outsource your mobile app project:

If it takes too long
In the age of digital transformation, a shocking truth was revealed in a recent survey organized by Out of over 3200 IT professionals, about 40 percent have said that it took anywhere between 6 months to one year to deliver a finished app with desired features. The data suggests that non-IT professionals will take a lot more time in developing an app. What does it mean? By the time, your app comes out, it’s already become obsolete.

The app development time can make or mar your business as the lengthy development process takes more efforts and you have to spend more resources for a longer time. There, professional approach in integrating technological advancements and project management plays a vital role in developing an enterprise-grade mobile app within a certain time limit.

In brief, if your app’s launch date is getting postponed frequently, it’s time to outsource your project.

If Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is bad
Let’s face it. Smartphone users just don’t give much attention to new apps and the number of downloads of new apps depends on many factors nowadays. A half-baked MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can never give you a positive result as there are many similar apps are available in the app store.

It’s better to remember that the first impression of your app matters more than you realize. If your enterprise comes up with just a so-so MVP, you may find yourself in a situation where there’s no second chance!

In this scenario, outsourcing of your app can get higher RoI, and you can earn loyal customer base with a better product.

If there’s no expertise
Let’s take an example: You run an eCommerce business and many of your employees have adequate technical knowledge. Do you think this knowledge is sufficient to handle all the complexities of a custom app development project? While developing a business app you need to take care of all the aspects including an app’s integration with the backend and the cloud, its scalability and security, its speed of deployment, regular updates, and the like. Perhaps, this is a reason why even large enterprises have stumbled at the scope of their mobile app project.

The lack of expertise and reliance on unproven talent to build tailored apps can slow the development process and may result in failure of the project.

Wrapping Up
The app development process consists of many steps between idea and prototype to launching, and you need to take care of every aspect to ensure an app’s success.

Lastly, if you find it difficult to keep pace with Android and iOS’s ever-changing app development environment, it’s time to outsource your app project to a reliable and experienced mobile app developer to get a 360-degree solution.

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