Which Are the Stages in Dedicated Team Engagement Model?

By Abhishek Amin Apr 12, 2021, 10:33:44 AM , In Offshore Development
Which Are the Stages in Dedicated Team Engagement Model?

Hello mates!! We have discussed a lot about offshore software development outsourcing and the various models of engagement process between the client and the vendor (an offshore software development services provider). These models of engagement are fixed cost, time and material, staff augmentation, and dedicated teams.

I recommend you to go through my previous articles for a comprehensive understanding of dedicated development and offshore outsourcing. 

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At this point now, you may have understood the methodology of the dedicated development engagement model along with how the world of software development outsourcing works. This all-in-one article will summarize the whole process. So why waste time? Let’s jump on it, shall we? 

Tuckman’s Approach

Perhaps the most important factors in creating a perfect software team are the handpicking of the resources (recruitment process) and management of the team. This is why Tuckman’s team development model is a go-to approach for the dedicated team engagement model too. There are basically four different stages, which are forming, storming, norming, and performing.

Every stage of Tuckman’s model has its own importance and merits, which shall be brought into consideration at every stage of the engagement.

Stages of Dedicated Teams Engagement Model

1. Forming

Perhaps the most significant stage where you being the client, are required to do some homework. We say that the first step is the hardest, right? This is going to be your very first step before you engage with any offshore development company to work with. Let us get into the brief of phases associated with forming stage.

a) Planning

A brilliant and well-grilled project and team planning before the engagement can save you loads of time and money. This is where a structure of the team to be hired is planned. Here, you may want to consider the famous Two-Pizzas rule, coming from no other than Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. He believes that if a single group or team is not fed by two pizzas, the team is too large and you need to shrink it down.

A developer or a few developers who can write quality codes, UI/UX designers, QA engineers for software testing, and DevOps engineers or a team depending on the size of the project are the usual target resources. A project manager is an option if you do not have one who can manage the project and become a bridge between the dev teams and you. 

A business analyst and a system architect are also options to hire depending on the budget and project size. The key is to find and engage with the right ODC to get things started!

b) Hiring Resources

The next step is to identify and hire dedicated developers. Once the ODC gets your requirements, project objectives, budget ideas, etc., they will identify the best possible resources based on the experience required to deliver the project with success. These resources can be in-house or external. The recruitment team commences the process of screenings and interviews. The interviews are conducted by your experts or you and the selection process is finalized.

c) Onboarding

No sooner the selection process is completed, the onboarding process starts. Here, an NDA is signed to secure your project IP and confidential infrastructure. Once you choose the team, the kick-off immediately takes place and the project starts usually within 24-72 hours. The PM (Project Manager) is brought up to the picture and is introduced to the client by a Sales executive. PM will be responsible initially to gather every project detail and bring forward to the team for better understanding. This is a significant step and responsibility of a PM to bring everyone on the same page.

That concludes the Forming stage.

2. Storming

A new stage comes up with new opportunities but challenges too. The storming stage is kind of a challenge for the fresh group of hired developers to perform over a project. Here, every team member understands the roles and responsibilities of their own, the working methodology, collaboration, and reporting protocols. The members also connect internally to discuss the project scope, objective, requirements, suggestions, and solutions.

On the initial level, your responsibility is to ensure efficient monitoring of how well the hired dedicated development team is adapted to the situation, managing it, and reacting to unproductive or undesired situations. Are they communicative, responsible, collaborative in order to increase efficiency?

3. Norming

This stage encourages to meet the project objectives with optimum efficiency. Every team member of a hired dedicated team is explained a role and the member understands the limit of the responsibility. The escalations, point of contact for various instances, teamwork monitoring, reporting structure, and overall productivity are clearly defined. The Agile methodology is followed and frameworks like Scrum and Kanban are implemented for a software development project cycle.

4. Performing

Hiring and creating a remote team of dedicated developers is the most fitting choice for evolving project scope. Once the teams are onboarded and understand everything, it is not easy and static. The software development process is dynamic and external evolving circumstances make it even more evolving. 

This results in continuous collaboration and project iterations. Such circumstances are changes in the business environment and strategies, industry and market demands, a new birth of trending tools, features, and technologies, etc.

Why IndiaNIC is a Preferred ODC to Hire Dedicated Developers?

This is where IndiaNIC is at its best and stands apart from other software development companies. Clients can quickly scale up and scale down the resources in the dedicated development model when they engage with IndiaNIC, it is just like on-demand resource hiring. With IndiaNIC, you instantly unlock access to technical expertise, experience, quality, and peace of mind.

IndiaNIC, since 1997, has been delivering top-notch software services in mobile app development, website development, AI & ML, IoT solutions, etc. around the globe with all the engagement models. With a brilliant track record of working with fortune 100 companies, businesses, and even startups; we always deliver what we promise. Following are the benefits of engagement with IndiaNIC:

  • Direct communication
  • 100% project control
  • Your team, your selection
  • ZERO upfront investment
  • Scale-up/down team virtually in record time
  • Transparent working environment

If you are still struggling with the challenges of understanding and choosing a Dedicated or Time & Material model, Team IndiaNIC will be happy to give you a hand. Contact us for a free consultation, and we will help you to scale!

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