5 Motivating Factors For Computer Programmers

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5 Motivating Factors For Computer Programmers

In the midst of technology inventions, computer programmers are the worst hit as they are pushed to innovate day in and day out. They are assigned numerous development challenges that at times leave them stranded in the heaps of code. They are also the immediate victims when economies slow down, budgets are slashed, salaries are reduced, layoffs are increased, and working hours are increased. Owing to these aftermaths, there are questions about what factors motivate computer programmers?

Motivating Programming Executives

Motivating Programming Executives

There are misconceptions that hefty pay-checks, timely bonuses, great perks, stock options and booze-driven parties are the primary source of motivation and satisfaction. However, there is an entirely different side to this argument. Though, these days’ computer programmers lack luster and the luxury of standing apart in the crowd, still they are fascinated towards programming. There are less renowned factors that keep their energy directed towards cracking layers of code logic and developing successful software.

Following factors motivate the computer programmers:

Scope for learning

There is immense scope and exposure for working on complex projects. While doing so, a programmer not only strengthens his technical intellect but also discovers possibilities with technology. As technology innovations are at their peak, opportunities galore for programmers in the computer world. In the past, there were limited technology platforms to experiment; however, modern technology landscape has innumerable platforms and technologies to explore. This urges programmers to stay updated and motivates them for programming.


Recognition is a vital factor that fuel programmers to stay sturdy and perform better. Rewards and recognitions can be anything from incentives to prizes, from promotion to increase in salaries. In addition, a slightest mention of the programmer’s work or publishing his/her efforts on the company’s website or blog benefits the zeal of the programmer. A public acknowledgement is regarded as much more effective than a hike in salary or performance bonus.

Opportunity to innovate

Businesses and enterprises looking to serve their clients better always look for innovative solutions. As a result, solution providers strive hard to innovate and come up with something unique and unearthed. This in turn, benefits programmers to learn new skills, nurture their capabilities and advance their careers. On getting regular development opportunities for developing innovative solutions, programmers are motivated to demonstrate their commitments towards the employer.

Career advancement

Career advancement at regular intervals is perhaps the most important factor that motivates the computer programmers. Programmers are always on the forefront to accomplish tasks and innovate if career advancement awaits them. Since, opportunities galore beneath and beyond what they seek, programmers manifest a higher level of motivation. Moreover, computer programmers want leadership and a sense of being on the right track, which keeps them charged up.

Stable career

Technology innovations are largely driven by computers. As a result, programmers are very well aware of the fact that the path of computer programming ensures a stable career. Everyone wants a stable career; however, you never know when time will pass you. But given that a computer world offers maximum potential and possibility of a stable career, it never keeps programmers high and dry in intensive competition.

Motivation for computer programmers is a soft factor that is difficult to quantify, and it often takes a back seat to other factors that might be less important but are easier to measure. Every organization knows the value of providing ample motivation to employees; however, very few realize the direct benefits of motivating employees. The above mentioned factors keep the computer programmers motivated and sturdy in the midst of corporate tornadoes.


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