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The original full form of PHP was Personal Home Page but in the programming sense it is Hyper Text Preprocessor. PHP is a server side language, which means it has an interpreter that interprets PHP code into the HTML code for a browser. PHP is a dynamic language that allows a user to create pages. With PHP, one application can be used to generate all the pages required to display items from a database in the proper pages, in the right locations, and with the appropriate related content. This eliminates redundant page generation and simplifies maintenance. PHP also reduces the site down to a handful of template pages, with scripts that generate the rest of the site.

Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser. It is said that during IT bubble, if companies failed, it is due to not getting good programmers. Therefore, if you want to get success in your next PHP project it is liable to have a good PHP programmer in your team. So now question is that how will you judge good PHP programmer. There are two kinds of skills going to consider and those are technical and interpersonal.

Today we will concentrate on interpersonal qualities of a good web designer.


Good PHP website design needs a lot of planning ahead. Therefore, your web designer should be a good planner.


Websites have various kind of content and all need to be place in an organizing manner. Normal website has coding files, databases, images, videos, audios, texts etc. These all need to be placed in proper folders and a hierarchical manner so it can be found easily.


Good look and feel as well as better functionality is an inevitable feature of a good website. Creative criticism has its own role to enhance these properties therefore, your web designer should have an eye of an evaluator that constantly evaluate the site design and bring necessary changes in it.

Business Understanding

Well functional web design means good understanding of client’s business. Your PHP web designer should have the ability to properly understand the business thoroughly so he/she can customize web design according to your business needs.

Relationship Oriented

Once website or web application designing is finished the need of web designer is not finished. You may need him/her for regular maintenance or if your business expands you would need to update your website, in such a scenario help of your previous web designer is unavoidable. Therefore, your PHP web designer must have relationship oriented mentality and keep relationships for a long duration.

Should Have Portfolio

This is Web 2.0 era and web designing is a complex task here. One need to have familiarity with many technologies at a time as well as should have practical experience to implement all modern technology in your project. Therefore, better you ask for portfolio of web designer and find at least relevant experience in the fields you are going to apply in your project.


PHP Web application designing is a long term project and demands a clear continuous communication between both the sides. Clients need to explain their point of views and designers want to give clarities for it. Considering these facts your web designer should have good communication ability as well as equipments for communications.

Finally, if you find out the above described qualities in your PHP web designer consider him or her as a team member of your next PHP project.

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