How to Hire & Create a Great Software Project Development Team?

By Abhishek Amin Mar 17, 2021, 10:26:38 AM , In Software Developers
How to Hire & Create a Great Software Project Development Team?

Are you looking to hire a remote dedicated team for your next software development project? It may seem an easy process, but in fact, it isn’t. Never ever count on hiring a perfect team of software developers until they are onboarded. Two things here are very important. 

Number one is to set the benchmark by having a crystal clear understanding of the software solution you wish to develop. The second is to identify the right offshore development company (ODC) to engage and hire a remote development team. Refer to my last blog to read more about how you can find the right ODC.

The next thing you need to take care of is to understand the basics and what to look for while choosing the right developers. It is vital to create that perfect cluster beforehand for your project, whether it is a website development or a mobile app development project.

The usual phases of the Onboarding Process are:

  • Send a request to an ODC
  • Finalize the engagement plan
  • Plan the screening tests
  • Conduct interviews
  • Selection process to onboard

Things to Look While Hiring Software Developers

Hiring a perfect software developer is always tricky. And it becomes even fishier at first as you do the screening tests and interviews through online video calls. It is up to the ODCs to decide and push forward the right candidates for the screening and interviews. 

But at the end of the day, it is you who will have to select the right crop of software developers to avoid failures down the road. The selection process hence is carrying even more significance because of this. 

Here are some things you must consider and look into for making your selections to go right as expected.

Communication along with Tech Expertise 

Especially in offshore-outsourcing or hiring a dedicated team remotely, communication is the key. No software developer will be good who writes quality codes but is not good at communication. Web or mobile developers who are excellent in communication gell up easily with your onsite team easily with their experience. Even the success of your development project depends largely upon the close collaboration between the two parties, and collaboration is efficient if smooth, transparent communication exists.

Hence, look for candidates who are better with technology expertise, experience, and communication skills.

Check Proactiveness

It is not preferred if a team of software developers agrees to everything that you say regarding the solution to be developed. They are the experts, they are supposed to develop, that’s not you who will be developing. There are maximum chances that the web or a mobile application you wish to develop that meets your custom requirements will not be feasible to a specific technology. Minor or major tweaks are always accustomed in software development projects.

Look for the developers who ask questions based on the scenarios you pitch. The developers must look for challenges and that is their motivation. They will put forward their views and opinions to you to organize the sprints, test cases, etc. Evaluate and verify whether the candidates are proactive.

Discipline and Responsibility Check

These are the pointers that cannot be identified or acknowledged from the resumes of the candidates. You will have to figure it out on your own. Openly ask about their task management skills, how they plan the tasks for the day, prioritize them, create reports and submit them on project management tools like JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Slack, GitHub, etc. Also, ask about their experience and periodic client communication through video calls and platforms being used for the same. 

Check Readiness to Push the Limits

Technology is evolving and so should the self-learning of the developers too. Trust me on this, it is not good if any software developer is staying in the comfort zone for too long. The zeal of learning new tools and technologies needs to identified by you in the team you want to choose for your software application development project. 

Give a scenario where one software developer can temporarily take the responsibility of another developer and check the readiness. Hear what they have to say whether they simply cannot take someone else’s responsibility or worrying way too much about their own tasks, or unwillingness to go beyond the working hours. 

This also helps in contingency planning if one developer is unavailable so that the work does not get halted. Because onboarding a replacement may take longer than usual due to other ongoing projects or resource unavailability.

Why You Should Hire Software Developers from IndiaNIC?

Since 1997, IndiaNIC has been successfully helping global startups and businesses to hire dedicated developers for all the web and mobile app development technologies. Create a great software development team by easy onboarding process and unlock the access to hire software developers with an average of 4+ years of experience in various technology domains.

Following are a few advantages when you hire dedicated developers from IndiaNIC:

  • 100% project control
  • Direct communication 
  • Zero upfront investment
  • Flexibility to Scale up/scale down team
  • 100% transparency, access, and integrity 
  • Choose your own team from the hand-chosen developers based on your project requirements

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