Top five Worst Tech-Flaws in 2012- Time for a Recap

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Top five Worst Tech-Flaws in 2012- Time for a Recap

As this year has ended, its time to look back and see which technology actually worked and which did not. During 2012, many technologies and products made an impact and lured many customers. In addition, there were some that failed to lap many users. So, let us have a look at the most tech-flaws in year 2012.

1. Apple Maps

With success of iPhone5, Apple decided to launch its aboriginal Maps application. Apple decided to knock off Google Maps that served as the default mapping software earlier. As the result, slaughtering Google earned them a lot of criticism and even CEO Tim Cook was compelled to apologize. He even asked his users to go for Apple’s competitive products such as Google and Nokia Map apps. At last, when Google came up with its own Map app for iOS, the application went viral within a day.

Top 5 tech flaws in 2012

Top 5 tech flaws in 2012

2. BlackBerry 10

There were many expectations during the launch of BlackBerry 10. Research in Motion considered that as the latest design in mobile technology, but did not make its debut this year. Company, forcibly, had to delay this public appearance, as its operating system was not ready to launch. Because of BB10, company’s stock-graph experienced some declines. Nevertheless, it revived when BlackBerry started showing its latest phone’s latest features.

3. Google Nexus Q

Google always know how to come out with best technology. It has succeeded in luring customers with its innovative ideas for mobile technology. Google Nexus came up with same target but it failed to do so. Google’s invention could relay multimedia content from tablets, Smartphone and other Android devices onto T.V. but instead of this, several analysts had called Nexus Q as expensive and feature lacking device. Google is keeping mum in responding to this context. However, Google removed the product from its yet-to-come Nexus series tablets to avoid any unwanted consequences.

4. iOS Trojan attack

A half-eaten Apple knows how to preserve itself from getting rotten. Apple has a pristine reputation in defending its iPhone iPad and iPods against viruses. However, this time a virus called Trojan that aimed mainly on stealing users contacts, made its way to Apples’ censors and App stores.

5. Ultrabook

The 2012 was suppose to be the year for Ultrabook but it failed to make its impact on users. Many expected Ultra books to be much more powerful, lighter, and compatible as compared to traditional notebooks while handling the same tasks with high battery life. Instead of these many advantages, they failed to enhance sales. It was also abortive in controlling the growth of iDevices and other rivals, giving it a spot on this list. According to IHS iSuppli, a global leader in market intelligence, Ultra books have fallen short of expectations. As a result, the company has cut-shortened its batch production form 22 million to 10.3 million.

These were 2012’s worst technological flaws, which unfortunately failed in attracting quality users. Most of the IT companies providentially progress in a very rapid manner and thus it is quite likely for the users to forget these disappointing products and services. We hope that these blemishes will overcome in 2013 and fill with innovations and more quality products from reputed IT companies.

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