We Have Been the Most Responsive Software Developers, so is Our Website Now!

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 1:17:05 PM , In Software Developers
We Have Been the Most Responsive Software Developers, so is Our Website Now!

Responsive Software Developers IndiaNIC

Two years ago, when Ethan Marcotte explained responsive web design in the famous magazine, A List Apart, he clearly stated that responsive web design offers web designers a way forward that would allow them to design for “the ebb and flow of things”. And today, this web designing technique has, indeed, taken the web world way forward. Advent of smartphones and tablets necessitated it as these high-tech gadgets became easy sources of Internet access.

Today, responsive web design has become a necessity for all those companies that aim to become easily accessible to their clients and at the same time keep the information intact because in this tech-freak world, there are maximum chances that people might be browsing Internet on their smartphone or tablet. In this scenario, if a site does not respond accordingly, then perhaps, they would miss out on all the relevant information.

Therefore, keeping in mind the ease and comfort of our clients, IndiaNIC’s corporate site has gone responsive, so that our clients would be able to get all the requisite information on the smaller screens too. Integrated with the required technical ingredients, the new responsive website of our company would not only become more consistent, but it would also provide an enhanced user experience.

We have been in the web design and development industry for more than a decade and with the continual evolution of this field, we have evolved too. Our proficient web designers have always kept a close eye on the recent trends and have always integrated the useful techniques into the site. As soon as responsive web design started trending, our designers grabbed the core ideas and mastered the latest techniques, and after thorough analysis and work, we’ve also incorporated this technique to ensure optimum performance of our site.

One of the major reasons behind making the site responsive was the advantages it would administer to our clients. As soon as the new site launches, our clients would be able to view all the important information no matter which they device they use to surf it.

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