What is White Board Animation –A User’s Guide

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What is White Board Animation –A User’s Guide

Gone are the days when static web pages were the only medium of transmitting information. In the sea of media madness, we are equipped with a wide range of alternatives to signify things. Earlier, websites started with static web pages with few images to support their text. Later on web pages got transformed into dynamic pages with 2D/3D animation. Next came the trend of product videos, infographic and animation, which is looking to conquer the media world as a powerful medium of expressing complex concepts.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

What is Whiteboard Animation?

As technology continues to evolve, the number of available medium to transmit information are in overabundance. However, there stands a distinguished medium .i.e. Whiteboard Animation’. Over the years, whiteboard animation has taken huge leaps. It has proven to be one of the most powerful mediums that promise to provide unmatched platform to ease the complexities.

What is whiteboard animation?

As per the research, the term whiteboard animation comes from a process of someone drawing and recording the process. The drawing is carried out on whiteboard or something that is similar to whiteboard. This type of animation has been determined to be effective in the learning process. It is being used to learn languages, demonstrate products and services, provide training to employees and presentations.

In the past, the process of drawing animation was completely governed by the artist. However, the technological advancements transformed the procedure for creating whiteboard animation. The process has been automated and can be successfully carried out with the help of software; thus, reducing the cost of creating animation.

What makes whiteboard animation so great?


The notable and the defining elements of this medium are drawing. Drawing is one of the prominent and the oldest form of visual communication. Communication has been a part of human evolution, and drawing plays a major and effective role in communicating ideas. History also speaks about the idea of communication using drawing. People used drawing to communicate ideas long before the emergence of paper.

But simple drawing triggers our thought process and requires the imagination to bring the illusion to life. However, with whiteboard animation you witness the creation of the illusion. As you watch, the design slowly and steadily gets transformed into something recognizable.

To start with you may feel that the artist is randomly making marks on the whiteboard, but as the drawing matures, all the random markings gets transformed into a meaningful drawing. The marks are transformed into something recognizable as a face, product or an object. This animation technique develops a sense of curiosity by keeping you guessing at the same time, having a profound impact on the mind.


The drawings ultimately tell a story. Storytelling is a proven method of effective communication. The animation can be as long as a fairy tale or as short, concise, informative and instructional as a training video.  Whiteboard animation synchronizes verbal storytelling with visual storytelling. Research in the past has proven that the simultaneous delivery of visual and verbal material is more effective for learning and retention than just using an individual medium or any other medium. The bottom-line is that the duality of whiteboard animation provides a lasting effect that augments learning.

Human Touch

The concept of drawing has been redefined, especially with the improved capabilities and understanding of computers. The rough idea can be cleaned and sharpened with the power of computers. Even the videos rolling out on the internet are largely influenced by the computer-based media. So, it is difficult to find something that has a human touch or made by hand.

But, the human element of whiteboard animation makes it unique and brings a level of authenticity to the idea. It breaks the complexity of the concept and brings the idea down to the earth to the level of human proportions. This makes it easy to simplify the concept and gain viewer acceptance. It also makes the content seamless, less intimidating and more interactive.


The simplicity of the whiteboard animation contrasts with the overwhelming amount of input and replication coming from other channels on the web. As the number of people connected to the internet is rising, it is obvious to come across information that is recreated or copied from varied sources.

However, most of the times we tend to strain our mind to focus on the concept of our interest rather than the additional fluff. Our mind easy embraces simplicity. And this desire is fulfilled by the whiteboard animation. The animation uses high-contrast images to transfer the idea by giving minimal stress on our mind. Unnecessary clutter of information and unwanted images are not included, this allows our mind to dedicate maximum resources to absorb the concept with fewer diversion.


Videos are entertaining! But the trick of entertaining and informing the viewer remains with whiteboard animation. Drawing coupled with spoken words develops a convincing sense of understanding. This animation technique presents a whole new way of engaging the viewer. At the end of the day, something that is interesting and captivating helps to churn the gears of the mind.


Since, the animation is in the form of digital video, it can be distributed globally through various mediums. It can be a part of a webpage, presentation, an email, or electronic textbooks. It can also be shared on social networking sites, downloaded, copied or uploaded. Once a quality animation is developed, it can go viral within a matter of few days. The video once hosted will work even when you are sleeping. The animation would reach audience easily thus, widening the scope and possibilities of achieving the desired objectives.

In the past, whiteboard animation was not highly regarded as a powerful medium of communication. However, as this type of animation matured, it triggered the thought process of the global audience. The cognitive ability of this animation technique coupled with the caliber of baffling the perception of viewers has earned this technique a key position.

This technique is booming and paving way for businesses to reach the audience without intimidating. This is foreseen as a powerful marketing tool and is being utilized to increase the web traffic. Thus, investing in whiteboard animation can turn out to be a fruitful initiative. In the midst of numerous marketing mix, whiteboard animation stands apart as a powerful technique to influence the audience.

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